Sunday, November 28, 2010

11/28 Report - Found WWII Artifact and Florida Shipwreck Laws

WWII Canteen Found on the Treasure Coast with a Metal Detector.

As you can see this canteen is in unusually good condition. The chain is a little rusty but still attached. It cleaned up well.

On the bottom it is marked US Vollrath 1943.

I had a mystery item I was going to show today, but the photos turned out poor. I'll try again another day.

I ran across an interesting article from The Indian River Magazine that talks about the 20th Century history of south Hutchinson Island detailing a lot of interesting facts, especially about the WWII era. It gives a lot of specific information about how the island was used for training.

Did you know that 140,000 troops trained on Hutchinson Island in a three year period?

And did you know, "South Beach in Fort Pierce in the 1930s was a collection of ramshackle houses with a sole destination spot known as the Casino, where folks from the mainland came to gamble, drink, dance and swat mosquitoes?"

I think you'll find this article interesting. I did.

I knew a guy that lived in Fort Pierce during the war. He was a kid and sold newspapers then. He said if he ended up with spare newspapers at the end of the day he would take them down to the island and sell them to the trainees that would buy them to burn to warm up after coming out of the ocean.

Here is an article that summarizes a he variety of Florida shipwreck related laws.

You might want to give it a read.

Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is blowing from the northeast and is stronger than I expected. The surf is still relatively small. According to current projections, it will increase to 5.5 feet on Tuesday. That is a day later than the time that it was earlier supposed to increase to that height.

I would guess that you can still find a few miscellaneous artifacts on the beach. Things have been showing up, but I don't know of any cobs being found recently, and really wouldn't expect that. Conditions for hunting shipwreck coins are not good. Finding cobs, especially in any numbers, requires better conditions. I've mentioned that before.

The items I showed today were not found on the beach. When conditions are not great on the beach, you might want to adapt and do something different.

Items found on the beach are often not in good condition because of the salt water and pounding they take. You can sometimes find artifacts and coins in better condition in fresh water or on land.

Happy hunting,