Monday, November 8, 2010

11/8 Report - Good Action on Some Beaches

Photo of One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning

The beaches are getting worked over. Some are cutting. Some are just changing.

The top photo shows the beach at John Brooks or Green Turtle Park this morning. Doesn't look very impressive. Below is the same beach a day or two ago.

Notice in the lower photo the two steps. The bigger cut at the back was made a few weeks ago and the front cut more recently.

What happened is that the sand from the front of the ledge behind the front cut first was pulled down into the water, and then one of the next high tides took the sand from the remaining ledge and pushed it up to fill in the area in front of the back cut.

It goes to show how a beach can change from one high tide to the next. One cycle can cut it and the next fill it in, or vice versa.

Photo of the Same Beach a Day or Two Ago.

Anyhow, the result is that that particular beach is not very promising right now.

There are other beaches along the Treasure Coast where the beaches are cutting. Again, it is still mostly where there has been some artificial fill at one time that is now eroding.

The high tide this morning was hitting higher on many of the beaches than it has for weeks.

Like I showed, not all beaches are cutting.

I would rate the Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions right now as being a solid 2 on my rating scale.

Interesting stuff can be found at both high tide and low tide at some spots.

I know of shipwreck spikes, sheeting, and shards and other artifacts that are being found. You'll have to hunt for the right spots though. It is not consistent throughout the Treasure Coast.

Tomorrow and Wednesday the seas will be decreasing to down around four feet, but by Friday they are predicted to be back up to 7.5 feet and even eight feet by Saturday. So next weekend should be interesting if the predictions actually work out.

My tip for this week is to check those few spots where the water is hitting the old cuts after high tide and then the low tide area at low tide.

Happy hunting,