Monday, November 22, 2010

11/22 Report - Gold Ring Found on Treasure Coast

Old Gold Ring Found With Meta Detector South of Sebastian Inlet.

This item is being sold on eBay out of Nevada. The ring is said to have been found after Hurricane Francis south of the Sebastian Inlet. It has been tested to around 23k, and appears according to some estimates to be from a 1715 Fleet wreck.

The seller tells a bit about the circumstances of the find and a lot about his attempts to have the ring authenticated.

Worth a read. Here is the link.

Here is a web site that tells about the copper sheathing used on the HMS Victory and shows some of the spikes used etc.

An informative site.

Did you notice the manufacturers marks and other identification marks?

Here is a photo of a beach I saw this morning. Notice the big shell piles and scalloped beach. That is the type of beach I've been seeing.

Shell Piles and Scalloped Front Beach Found On the Treasure Coast This Morning.

That isn't a good beach for finding cobs, but it isn't bad for finding other things.

I often say when conditions are poor for one type of hunting, it is good for some other type of hunting.

This type of beach will often produce artifacts of one kind or another. Today it was producing copper sheathing and some pieces of old wood planks. I'll post a photo of one or two of those in a day or two.

Become familiar with a lot of different types of items and hunting, and adapt your hunting to the prevailing conditions.

The beaches I saw this morning were poor for hunting cobs, old coins, and precious metals but there were other things to be found.


The moon is full, or nearly so, and the high tides are nice and high. The seas are only about four feet, but the sand is being moved around. I saw no cuts, but did see scallops like those I showed.

I would be checking out the areas where things are piling up - eye-balling the surface and detecting where heavier rocks are piling up, also detecting the dips and down near the water.

It looks like the seas will be backing off for the next few days

Happy hunting,