Sunday, November 7, 2010

11/7 Report - Mystery Small Silver Rectangle Metal Detector Find

Small Rectangular Piece of Silver Found on a Treasure Coast Shipwreck Beach Yesterday.

This is one of those types of finds that will probably never give up its secrets. It is definitely silver. I could tell that when I inspected it with a high power loop and when I did an acid test on it.

And it has definitely been exposed to salt water for some time. Close inspection of the considerable surface corrosion shows that. It has some age to it. I can tell it has been exposed for some time, but can't tell if the time period is years, decades or centuries.

The other side of the object is about the same and presently shows no markings.

The long oval mark in the middle of the object is where it could have been attached to something. The oval area is slightly raised even though you can't tell that from the photo. It could be a sprue if the item was formed using a mold. I don't know if that is the case, or, like I mentioned, it might have been attached to something else.

I suppose I will never know the age or identity of this little silver rectangle. The best chance of learning more about it is to clean it and see if there are any marks underneath the green. I'll probably do that someday, but won't hurry into it.

If any one has any ideas about this little silver piece, I'd appreciate receiving an email.

Metal Sheet With Square Nail Hole Found on a Treasure Coast Shipwreck Beach Yesterday.

Another of the mystery items found yesterday includes this thin lead sheet with a square nail hole in it. It is something else that will probably keep most of its secrets.

The square nail hole does give some information about its probable age, but that is probably about all I'll ever know about this item.

Until I learn something more about these items, they simply tell me that the area is giving up some older items. Exactly how old? I don't know, but it's worth continuing to explore that area.

Forecast and Conditions.

We still have northwest winds and big high tides. That is good. And the 7.5 foot seas are still expected for later today.

The new good news is that next weekend is expected to have high seas too, with only a small drop-off during the middle of this week.

Things should be improving.

I have no qualms or reservations about my 2 beach conditions rating now, and would not be surprised if it is increased after this evenings high tide.

If you don't know, my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Metal Detecting Conditions Rating Scale is a five point scale, with 1 being poor and 5 excellent. I can only recall having a four rating once or maybe twice in the past two years. Things just haven't been real good during that time period. Maybe that is about to change this winter.

A cheerful countenance is a great treasure which people with many possessions often do not possess.

Happy Hunting,