Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11/2/10 Report - Mystery Clay Artifacts & Inca Gold

Artifact Found in Association with Musket Balls and Other 18th and 19th Century Artifacts.

This was found in an area where a battle took place around 1800. Of course, it could be from a later or much earlier time period. There were a number of these items. All had holes like the one in the photo, and all were about the same size and shape, but not exactly the same shape. They are made out of clay similar to olive jars. I never figured out what they are and would gladly receive an ideas.

A few Days ago I mentioned a site that provides photos and information on the Jupiter are beaches. If you are down that way or thinking of making a trip, you can use that site to get an idea of the condition of those beaches.

That site is now linked to this blog. You will find it listed to the left of my posts under the Tide and Surf Projection section.

Todd S. sent me an email with some good information including one tip that I've never mentioned. Todd uses a stainless steel scoop with a wood post-hole digger handle. He says, "I took off the shovel and drill out a number of places (size of a dime) in which I expoxied a few neod. rare earth magnets. Reinstall the wooden handle back on and it is fantastic."

By using magnets in the scoop, you can quickly locate and capture any small iron items in your scoop. That will save you time in the field.

I have a limited amount of field time and like to make the most of my time in the field. As a result, I don't spend a lot of time looking at finds until I get home. I do look at finds close enough to determine if they might provide any clues to where and how I should be detecting, but otherwise I wait to further inspect finds more closely when I get home.

Supposedly there could still be a hoard of lost Inca gold to be discovered. At least that is what a National Geographic article suggests. I'm sure there are some, but as for this story, you'll have to judge for yourself.


Interesting story anyhow. Makes you want to go on a field trip.

Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is now from the southeast and the seas are about three to four feet. I'm downgrading my beach conditions rating back to a 1.

The high seas that were projected for 7.5 feet for Saturday have now been reduced. The surf web sites have a definite systematic error. I've been watching this long enough to know that about ninety percent of the time, seas projected to peak in about six or seven days, are reduced as the time draw near. It happened again, and now they are projecting only about six foot seas. I wouldn't be surprised to see further reductions in the next couple of days, even though I wish we would get 6 to 8foot seas. I'm not expecting much though. Maybe things will change.

You have to stay on top of it. Good days for beach detecting have been so few lately that you don't want to miss one when it actually occurs.

In the mean time, there is a lot to do. Try something different. Or go after modern coins and jewelry or do some research and scout around a bit.

Here is the projected path of Tomas.

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