Saturday, November 13, 2010

11/13/10 Report - Still Waiting and Watching

Half Dozen People at the Wall at Walton Rocks Friday Afternoon.

These folks weren't detecting, but they were inspecting the old wall at Walton Rocks. It didn't erode any during yesterday's high tide. In fact the water didn't even hit the bank here very much. It had eroded there a good bit a few days ago.

As I think I've mentioned before, this eroding wall is fill dirt and not the natural dune. You can see plastic bottles and other old junk all the way down through the layers. The locations with fill sand like this seem to be eroding. The next photo is more typical of the more naturally shaped beaches right now.

I saw a lady detecting a little south of here yesterday morning. She was swinging an Excal with her left hand and carrying a shovel in her right hand. Looked like she knew what she was doing.

Beach at John Brooks Park Late Friday.

It looks like the increased seas aren't doing much here - at least not yet. That isn't bothering the detectorist you see in the photo. I'm not surprised that he isn't digging though.

I found another web site where you can browse some shipwreck coins that are on auction. Many are poorer quality but still worth looking at.

You might also want to look at the shipwreck artifacts on that site.

I'm afraid there hasn't been much erosion yet. Hopefully with a few more days of high seas, we'll get some more action. I really wasn't expecting the best until around Monday so I'm not too disappointed that we aren't seeing more yet.

I haven't seen or heard how the beaches in Indian River County are doing so far. I'll try to get a chance to take a look before long. I'd also like to get a report or two on that if anyone has been up that way already.


Peak seas of 8 feet are still predicted for Saturday evening/night. High tides are around noon and midnight.

The one thing I see that I don't like is the time period for the predicted eight foot seas has been narrowed down to Saturday night. I don't like to see any decrease in the predictions at all. It could mean there are more to come.

One thing that is encouraging, is that the predictions show another bump at the end of next week following the early week slackening. Like I've said, I think it will take a while for all of that sand out front to be moved enough to make the beaches more vulnerable to erosion.

I'd very much like to increase my treasure beaches condition rating, but I just haven't seen enough to justify doing it yet other than the cuts at the inlets etc. like I mentioned yesterday. Hopefully it is still ahead of us.

We still have a some high surf ahead of us - at least if the surf web sites are right. I have been pointing to next week as the most probable time for good action and I'm still hopeful about that.

Happy Hunting,