Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/16 Report - Pistol Found on Site of 18th Century Wreck Near St. Augustine

John Brooks Beach This Morning.

It has really filled in again. It looks as bad as it did back in August.

On the other hand I did find some washed out spots this morning. One is shown in the other photo.

I picked up a few interesting things today. I'll show some of them some time.

Despite a few spots that did improve over the weekend, the high seas this weekend generally didn't help much as you can see from the first photo.

I'd give a beach conditions rating today of a minimal two (on my five point scale) for today, most likely dropping back to a 1 (poor) in a day or so.


There have been a few mystery items popping up in a few select spots lately. The photo below shows one.

I don't know what metal this is. Unfortunately I am out of silver test acid. I don't think it is silver anyhow though.

It is very heavy, maybe lead or bronze, appears harder than silver, about four inches across, and over a quarter inch thick. If anyone has any ideas, I'd sure like to hear what you think about this item.

Strange Heavy Metal Disk Find.

I talked about encrusted lumps just a few days ago. Today I ran across an article describing a concretion found on the site of an 18th Century shipwreck off of St. Augustine. When the MRI was done on the lump, it was found that the concretion contained an ornate pistol.

Archaeologists will now work to free the pistol from the encrustation. That effort could take up to two years.

Here is the link to that story.


Forecast and Conditions.

The seas will be backing off this week and remaining relatively calm for the rest of the week. That will give you a chance to check the low tide areas to see if anything was left behind that you couldn't get at during the rough seas.

I'd also check for any washouts that haven't been thoroughly detected yet.

As I said, I'm giving a minimal two rating for now, which will probably drop back to a one in a few days.

Here are photos from 11/13 sent in by Tom Guidus of Wreckovery Salvage. Unfortunately I've been busy and I didn't get my emails soon enough to get these posted on a more timely basis. You can see that the water got pretty high down there. Maybe they actually did better than us last weekend.

The first photo is from Jupiter. Notice how high the water got.

The second is from Juno.

Tom sent a number of nice photos and a video.

I wish I got to these sooner.

Happy hunting,