Saturday, November 20, 2010

11/20 Report - 16th Century Gold Pendant Found by Metal Detector

16th Century Gold Pendant Found With Metal Detector.

A young boy found a 16th century gold pendant using a metal detector. The pendant is said to be worth over 3 million dollars. The article says the pendant shows the Virgin Mary, but it could actually be St. Helena. I would also guess the boy was receiving more than a little help with his detecting.

Nice looking pendant.

That web site seems to be a little touchy. You might have to juggle around on the page before getting the text of the story.

That story also reminds that there are places to find gold besides the beach.

Beach hunting is different than land hunting in a variety of ways. The beach is a different type of environment that requires specialized knowledge for best results.

While the constant change that occurs on a beach is sometimes a problem it can also be a benefit. Old items can suddenly surface on a beach that has been hunted to death for decades when a storm finally stirs things up. The beach is a very dynamic environment.

I received an email from Daniel Sedwick giving notice that they are currently seeking items for the upcoming April 2011 auction.

You can find information about consigning items for that auction by using the following link.

They also mention the upcoming Tampa show in January and New York coin show where you could possibly arrange a meeting.

* Here is what they are looking for.

* High-grade gold and silver Latin American coins (specially large collections)

* World Gold coins including US and early British and Dutch

* Rare early Spanish colonial cobs (collections or single coins)

* 1715-Fleet gold and silver dated cobs.

* Shipwreck coins and cobs in reasonable condition with original certificates

* High-grade silver cobs & pillar dollars

* Artifacts from shipwrecks (well documented and properly conserved)

* Silver and gold ingots from shipwrecks

Archaeologists are excavating an Native American home in St. Augustine that was part of a mission community.

Here is the link for more information.

Forecast and Conditions.

Conditions look pretty much the same even though the seas are rough and the wind is blowing. It doesn't look like the waves will hit the banks today, but they do seem to be churning up the front beach.

I got a look at a couple of St. Lucie County beaches and they were both pretty sandy yet.

I would rate conditions as being poor, however there are some interesting items being found around the Treasure Coast. No cobs that I know of.

The high tides are still nice and high.

The seas will be backing off through the weekend and the rest of the week.

Happy hunting,