Saturday, November 6, 2010

11/6 Report - Slight Beach Upgrade & Gold News

Treasures Found on the Atocha/Margarita Site.

Photo received via email and from the Fisher organization. They are still heavily working that trail.

Gold ended at $1297 per ounce yesterday. That is a pretty lofty price and nothing says that the increases will end now, especially if the dollar is continually devalued.

Three characteristics have made gold desirable for centuries.. It's lustre, malleability,and noncorrosive nature.

Speaking of gold, did you ever see what was believed to be the oldest gold artifact found in the Americas. It was a gold bead necklace found in Peru.

Here is a link to that article.

Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is out of the northwest. The high tides are still nice and high, but most importantly, the seas are predicted to increase to 7.5 feet late Sunday. That gives a very good chance of significant beach improvement for next week. I hope it actually turns out that way.

This morning I found the cut shown in the photo here. The cut was up to two feet and pretty close to the back dunes in places, although one other beach that I looked at was not cut at all and still had tons of mushy sand out front.

On the basis of the only two beaches that I saw (both in St. Lucie County), I'm upgrading my beach conditions rating to a two. I didn't see what the beaches to the north were doing, but am going partly on how high the water was getting and the nice cut that I did see. There has to be a few more around somewhere. I would call this a minimal two for now. If I saw more beaches like the one that was cut this morning, I could perhaps give the upgrade with more confidence.

Oh, I did find one mystery obejct and some other stuff that I might show later.

Happy hunting,