Friday, December 2, 2011

12/2/11 Report - Lead Whatzit & Five Easy Tips

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Lead Ring Found on Treasure Coast Shipwreck Beach.

This isn't jewelry. It is about four inches around. It seems that I should know what it is. I think I've seen something like it before but can't place it. Anyone have any ideas?

I'd like to hear any and all thoughts.

A cache of gold jewelry was found in a drain. It might have been hidden by thieves intending to return for the stash later.

Here is the link.

 I seldom pass a drain grate without looking into it and wondering what might be in there. It would be awful easy to coins or anything to roll into one of those things.

Many people run at a lower sensitivity level than is necessary. There are a variety of quick and easy techniques you can use to reduce the amount of noise and false signals. Here are five that will often help.

1. Slow down your sweep speed.

2. At the end of each sweep in each direction, don't change directions so abruptly. Instead of thinking about each sweep as going from one direction to the opposite direction, think about moving the coil in an almost imperceptible figure eight. In other words think of the end of each sweep as being a curve instead of an abrupt change from one direction to the other. Thinking about it is about all it takes. Someone looking couldn't tell the difference, but it makes the transition smoother and can eliminate false signals at the end of each sweep.

3. Sweep parallel to the water line rather than at ninety degree angles with the water line. That means sweeping north/south on a beach rather than east/west.

4. When there is black sand on the beach, along with the lines of black sand rather than across it.

5. When detecting in the water where the water has been relatively calm and where there are little ridges that look like sand dunes, sweep with or in the same direction as the ridges rather than across them.

These five easy tricks can cut down on false signals and reduce the need for cutting down the sensitively setting.

Paper can be worth more than gold.

A comic book sold for over 2 million dollars.

Here is that link.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

Conditions are poor for fining cobs, but it looks like some improvement might be coming.

There was a little erosion last night.   I saw one shipwreck beach that had a one-foot cut that ran for over a hundred yards.  I was surprised to see that.  It evidently occurred last night.  That erosion was into a bunch of recently accumulated sand, so even though there was a little cut, it was not in the right place to be very promising.

We're going to have higher seas this weekend, reaching seven feet or so by Sunday.  That could be good enough for improved conditions.   There have been  a few spots that were recently washed out, as I showed one day.  Those spots might get good with the higher seas even if the angles aren't just right.

I'm expecting some improvement in beach detecting conditions after this weekend.  I'll keep watching.

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