Saturday, December 10, 2011

12/10/11 Rain, Gold Ring & Gold Monkey Head

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It has been raining on the Treasure Coast this morning.  Heavily since the early hours around Fort Pierce.  Not as much Vero and north.

Rain will actually calm the seas a little if there isn't a lot of wind to offset the effect.

I'll always remember the eerie calm one time when I was shallow water detecting on a  morning when the sea was flat and and it was raining so that I couldn't see more than a few feet in any direction around me.   That was beautiful.   It almost seemed like the small bubble that I could see around me was all that existed.  No other sound and nothing to see except the calm water and the rain around me.   I can't explain it any better.  I really wish I had a video of that.

Anyhow, if you are going to detect this morning, rain gear would be a good idea. 

Here is a ring that was found on a beach.  It is rather big and heavy and tests 18K. 

Obviously something is missing from it.  You can see a little extension on both the top and bottom.  It looks like something was attached there.  I think it once had a cover, sort of like a locket.  I would guess it held a picture or some small item.  

Maybe it was a mourning or memorial ring.  But it has no engraving on the inside.

Here is a good site that shows a lot of examples of 18th and 19th century mourning rings.

That is a good web site for reference purposes.

I'm not convinced this was a mourning ring, but that is one possibility. 

If you have seen a ring like the one in my photo, maybe  with the missing part still attached, I would love to know what it was like. 

If you have any ideas about it, please let me know what you think.

A gold monkey head from around 300 AD has been repatriated to Peru.

Here is the link to that story including a photo of the gold head.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

It looks like it might continue raining today.    When you do get out, check for erosion caused by rain, and keep your eyes open for any targets that might have been  uncovered by the rain.

The seas are running around five feet.  Expect a little stirring on the beach fronts. 

Conditions for finding cobs remains poor.

The seas will pick up, peaking late Monday or Tuesday up around 7 or more feet.  That is getting close to what it often takes to improve conditions.  It could work if the wind is right. 

High tides have also been relatively high lately, so you might want to recheck those areas where there has been cutting back close to the dunes.

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