Thursday, December 22, 2011

12/22/21 Report - 7 Million Dollar Brasher Coin & Whatzits Revisited

Written by the TreasureGuide for the exclusive use of

1787 Brasher Doubloon.

This beauty sold for 7.4 million dollars.

You can read more about that by using the following link.

Here we are  approaching the end of another year.  It is a good time to evaluate things and make improvements.

In the past I've recommended keeping good detailed records.  Have you done that?  If so, it is a good time to go over your records.  Maybe what you'll find is that you didn't do a very good job of keeping records.

When I was thinking things over, I realized that a good number of my mystery items have been identified to my great satisfaction.   There were some that remained mysterious for a long time, but thanks to my many readers, I've solved some of those.

There are however a few that remain.  One that still puzzles me even though a lot of people have offered various opinions is what I call the silver ingot.

I've posted about it before but despite the good opinions that I've received on it, I still don't feel like the mystery is solved.

Here is a front and side view.

It is silver.  I acid tested it.  It weighs 10 grams.  It appears to show a wreath, which you can see near the top of the heavily stamped "1."

I found it on a beach, but not one of the 1715 Fleet beaches.  I think it is probably not Spanish, but I don't know.  The wreath just doesn't seem Spanish and, the "1" doesn't seem like it to me.

I received thoughts that it might be a button or weight or assay sample.   The last of those seems the most likely to me, but if there are any additional thoughts you might offer about the identity of this item, please let me know. 

If it is an assay sample, the wreath could be the mark that identifies the owner, and the "1" might be the sample number.

Maybe I'll post a couple more of my unsolved mystery items in the next few days.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

I did find one beach yesterday that was eroded down to older layers of sand, but most of the beaches are now big and mushy.

The wind is from the south and the high tide will be pretty high.  We are near a new moon.

I'm not any real changes to the overall poor conditions real soon.   The surf web sites are predicting five foot and higher seas for week.   That is probably not going to be enough to improve conditions.

Happy hunting.