Monday, December 5, 2011

12/5/11 Report - No Upgrade & Poll Results

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 Looking North from Seagrape Access This Morning.

No new erosion here.  More on that below.

The most recent blog poll has concluded and the results are in. 

As you might suspect, the largest number of respondents live on the Treasure Coast, but not overwhelmingly -  just a touch over one fourth of all respondents.

The second greatest number chose the "Central Florida" category.   Unfortunately, that category was a little ambiguous.   I wasn't able to define it well in the poll and receive email from one person living in the Cocoa area asking if that was considered Central Florida.   When I quickly created the poll (not the ideal way to create a poll) I as thinking that north of the Treasure Coast would be Northeast Florida.  How would anyone know what I was thinking?   Anyhow, I suspect those two categories might be a touch off due to how I wrote the poll, but I don't think it is way off.

The third greatest number of blog readers, according to the poll, are from a state other than Florida.  I guess that surprises me a little, but on second thought it probably shouldn't.   I do hear from a number of snow birds as well as others who travel here to detect.   I doubt that either the state or the Treasure Coast appreciates the amount of tourism brought to our area by the detecting hobby.

I'm a little surprised that number isn't higher because so much of this blog is generic treasure hunting stuff and applies to any state.
It is natural that those who travel here to detect would utilize online sources of information about our area.  And of course, there is a lot of generic detecting information that you can find in this blog, some of which has been first published here.

The next largest group of respondents comes from Southeast Florida, which has a large population of detectorists who are close enough to make a quick day trip for detecting.

And the sixth largest group of respondents lives on the West Coast of Florida.  I have heard from a number of them via email and talked to some of them on the beaches. 

And the seventh largest group gave "Northeast Florida" as their primary residence.  I'm a bit surprised by how far down on the list that one is.   I have talked to people from that region.  The low number in that category might in part be due the ambiguity of the categories that i mentioned above.

And last, four percent of the respondents have a primary residence in another country.  I'm a little surprised that it was that high, but I do know that I get a number of readers from around the world.

Well, that's it for the poll results.

Here is a very good concise history of colonial Mexico.   There is a lot of good detail and some nice illustrations.but it is exceptionally well organized and easy to quickly scan.
I think you'll find it worth your time.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast an Conditions.Well, there wasn't hardly any new erosion this past weekend. There was however a little churning and sand movement on the front beaches. Not enough that I can upgrade my beach conditions rating, though.

In front of Disney there was a little dip that might be worth checking. I would suspect at least a few targets there.

The area between Turtle Trail and Seagrape held a number of targets. There were some iron conglomerates and some clad coins down by the waters edge. It often surprises me how many targets there are for as much as these places get detected. I would guess the best hunting on the Treasure Coast right now to be down at the water's edge.

The seas will be decreasing this week on a daily basis until next weekend.  That will give you a good chance to get out in the low tide zone.

There is a good bit of clad and modern jewelry still being found.

Happy Hunting,