Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/28/11 Report - Mystery Object and Stoneware Ink Bottle

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Mystery Object for ID.

This was found by one of this blog's readers down in the Dade County area near some of my favorite hunting areas of days gone by. There are shipwrecks in the water down there too. And shipwreck artifacts have been found in the same general area.

Anyhow, the person that found the item says it appears to be made of lead. I won't tell you what I think it is or isn't because I don't want to influence your thinking.

The wide part is flat, the stem round, and the bottom of the stem pointed.

Please let me know what you think it might be.

Interesting! I went out, looked around and decided that I didn't feel like detecting the beach today but decided to take a walk and look around for old bottles and stuff. I didn't take my detector or anything - just went eye-balling.

I decided to go to one spot that I hadn't been to for a couple of years at least. It required a 45 minute or so walk - one way. On the way I didn't see much to encourage me and I almost cut the walk short.

Finally I got there and I saw some vintage bottles laying around. In the middle of them was a nice stoneware bottle.

I had been to this place many times in years gone by, but never saw any stoneware bottles there before.

It was a J. Bourne and Son master ink bottle. When I came home and looked it up on the internet, I learned that many similar bottles were found on the S. S Rebublic by Odyssey Marine. The virtual museum on their web site has photos of bottles like the one I found today.

Here is the link.

I'm sure my bottle didn't come from the Republic.

I'll get photos of the one I found along with some other bottles that I found today.

More on that tomorrow.

Sometimes it seems like you are guided by intuition or something like that. It has happened to me before.

That spot entered by mind today and that is where I was headed. My stoneware bottle was found right where I was headed - within a few feet at most.

And I had been thinking that I would like to find some stoneware. Its no gold bar or anything real valuable, but it seemed like that is what my mind was tunded for today. I guess I should try to tune my mind to bigger things. I like stoneware for some reason and hadn't found much of it. So it was a fun find anyhow.

That is something like dowsing I guess. Funny that it should happen now when I have the survey about dowsing running on this blog.

Another coincidence! Maybe not.

The wind is now out of the north/northwest. The seas are around three feet today, dropping off tomorrow for a few days. That won't change conditions much.

I had some reports of nice finds of modern jewelry lately.

Happy hunting,