Sunday, December 4, 2011

12/4/11 Report - So Far Rough Weekend Seas Have Disappointed

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Two Treasure Coast Shipwreck Beaches Sunday Morning.

The photo above and on the left shows the beach at Frederick Douglas Park.   No cuts this morning.  It was actually better looking a couple of days ago. 

Of the beaches that I saw this morning, it looks like most of them.  I didn't see much evidence of erosion at all.  In fact some filling took place despite the rough seas.

The photo above and on the right shows one little cut.  It actually occurred a few days ago and the front filled in some since then.  That cut is one to two feet high.

Below is one area that if you just found it, looks pretty good.   However the most of that erosion occurred several days ago.   I showed a photo of it previously.  It did cut back a little further, but the front also filled in.   There was at least three feet of sand gone in front of that cliff before.

Overall, I didn't see enough improvment to raise my beach conditions rating from a one. 

It seems the water is hitting directly from the east again.  As you know, that usually doesn't help much.

There might be some places that I didn't see where the water got to the dunes.

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