Monday, December 19, 2011

12/19/25 Report - A Few Spots Eroded & Six More Hunting Days Until Christmas

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Typical beach Monday Morning.

It appears that most of the beaches along the Treasure Coast are pretty mushy right now.  Many are scalloped.  I saw a good number of shells, a good bit of sea glass, and some fossils in addition to metallic targets.  I didn't see any pottery or shipwreck wood though. 

There are some spots that continue to erode.  Those are mostly spots that were eroding a few weeks ago. 

Bathtub Beach is closed again.  Can you believe it.  I made fun of the timing of their last project.  They started it at the very wrong time of the year, and I think I said it will be lucky to last a few weeks.  That turned out to be very true.  Sometimes it seems like they want to spend as much tax payer money as wastefully as possible. 

Another place that is eroding is another place that eroded weeks ago and that they also tried to fill again very recently.   Well, it continues to erode.  That is South Jetty Park in Fort Pierce. 

Both of those places have obstacles to the north that interrupts the natural north to south flow of sand.

The seas have been pretty rough, but not the eight foot or higher seas that provide a good chance for detecting conditions to really improve.  Six feet is what I consider borderline.   Good erosion could happen at that level, but other conditions have to be right, and for the most part, they have not been lately.

Unfortunately the few places that have been cutting are not the primary shipwreck treasure beaches.  They have been pretty mushy.

The predictions are for four to five foot seas for Monday and Tuesday, and after that decreasing seas for a few days.  I'll keep my beach conditions rating at a 1 (poor).

There are a few targets to be found.  Scout around a little and hunt the few better spots.

Fossil Bone Found on a Treasure Coast Beach.

What I find interesting about this is that it appears that the bone was broken open and the marrow removed.  I'm far from an expert on that sort of thing.  Maybe Fred D. or somebody will weight in on that.  It also appears that their might be cut marks on the other side of the bone.  Probably not.   Again, that is one of those things that I know very little about.

Only a few more hunting days until Christmas.

Happy hunting,