Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12/6/11 Report - Fort Pierce Dumping Sand Again & More

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Sand Being Dumped On South Jetty Park Again.

Here they go again.   Seems like there must be an unlimited supply of tax-payer dollars.  

This is supposed to be a temporary fix.  Of course it is.  They have to keep pumping those dollars.  

The last project must have lasted a few months.   And duped all of the poor unsuspecting sea turtles into making nests in sand that would be lost before the eggs could ever hatch.

And can you believe they are doing this before the winter storms come.  It seems like they are making sure that it won't last long at all.

All of the detectorists who come here to hunt treasure on the Treasure Coast beaches will see little but piles of sand.

I had some people from England contact me last night who will be coming here to detect.

I'm not sure where that sand is coming from, but a day or two ago I saw a big barge full of sand coming in from the ocean and suspected this might be happening soon.  Without knowing, I would guess this sand is coming from way off shore.

Here is a link to an article showing a concretion that was x-rayed and found to contain an early pistol.  The find was made up by Jacksonville.


And here is  a 2002  article by the Mel fisher Heritage Museum talking about and showing a variety of x-rayed concretions.


And here is an article about Frank Garcia digging up Florida fossils.


Beach conditions are currently poor for finding cobs.  The photo below shows a typical beach.  Not much but sand.

We'll have a few more days of decreasing seas before another front comes through and the waves pick up again.

I'm still learning my way around this new Google Blogger software.   I noticed a number of typos in my last post and just didn't take the time to fix them.  I don't think my readers mind that too much.  I would like to do a better job though.  Getting accustomed to the new editing software makes it more difficult so I've let a more few things slip lately.   I hope to get used to this new software before long, and I hope you'll be seeing an improvement in the look of the posts as well as a decrease in number of typos.  I'm going through the learning curve again.   If these stupid geeky software designers would learn to design intuitive software, we'd all be better off.  I designed and developed a lot of software, and a lot of it was used by people who had never seen a computer before, so it had to be truly intuitive.   So I know it can be done.

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