Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2/14/12 Report - Valentines Day - Some Common Gold Detector Finds

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Couple of Gold Religious Medallions Found With Metal Detector.

Well this is your last chance to detect for Valentine's Day.

Here are photos of some common types of finds.

Religious medallions are common finds. Often when a chain breaks, the medallion goes flying and gets buried in the sand a distance from the chain.

Chains will often remain partly sticking out of the sand, but can be difficult to detect without a medallion.

In the water, chains can be a little difficult to retrieve. They'll often slip off the front of your scoop. You don't want to dig through them either. That is why it can be good to stick your face in the water to see what you are trying to recover.

Chains will often get caught in sea grass.

Broken Ring.

You'll often find broken gold rings. Broken rings give a much quieter signal then intact rings. I suppose they break around where they have been soldered or resized.

IF you have a broken ring and a similar whole ring, use your detector and note the very significant difference in the signal.

One Common Type of Ring.

I've shown photos of some very common ring styles in the past. This is a common style.

Snake rings, lions heads, pearl rings, signet rings, nugget rings and Claddagh rings are some other very common styles that might be found.

I often mention the St. Lucie Metal Detecting Club. For information about the St. Lucie Metal Detecting Club or to contact the club use the following link to go to their site.


One Nice Treasure Coast Cut Yesterday.

This is how one beach looked yesterday.

The wind is now out of the South and the seas are relatively calm again. That means that cuts like the above will not be improving any. In fact, they'll deteriorate.

You can expect filling on the front beach.

With the lower seas, you'll be able to get out in the low tide zone to see if anything was stirred up lately.

The surf web sites are saying that the seas will be calm for the most of the week.

It is pleasant weather now.

I'll drop my beach conditions rating back to a one (poor) now. There still might be something left to be found though.

Some people have been checking out the newly dredged sand at the renourishment project beaches. I haven't heard of anything real good being found there yet.

Happy Valentine's Day,