Monday, February 6, 2012

2/6/12 Report - Revolutionary War Naval Battle For Army Payroll Off Cape Canaveral & More

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New Sand on Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

I was a bit surprised by how much new shelly sand was on this beach front. This beach had three-foot cuts a few days ago. Now, not only are the cuts gone but a lot of new (lighter color shell sand) is on the front of the beach.

You can see that the water came up over the front berm at high tide. I was also surprised by how high the water got at high tide. There might be a spot or two on the treasure coast where it actually did some good. I didn't see any good spots though - just mushy sand.

I'm going to downgrade my beach conditions rating back to a 1 (poor).

The last naval battle of the Revolutionary War, which occurred on March 10, 1783 off of Brevard County, will be celebrated this year on March 4th at 10AM at Cape Canaveral. The Sons of the American Revolution will be a part of the celebration.

Two American ships and three British warships were involved in that battle, including the American frigate, the Alliance that was escorting the French built ship, the Duc de Lauzun, which was transporting $75,000.00 in Spanish silver dollars from Havana Cuba to a reserve in Philadelphia to be used for the continental army payroll. The American ships were intercepted and challenged by three British' ships led by the HMS Sybil.

Here is a link to an article giving more details.

Well that was a good day for the patriots, unlike the Super Bowl.

I've mentioned the Sons of the American Revolution before. It is a great organization for history buffs.

You can become a member of the SAR if you can trace your ancestry to someone who fought in the American Revolution. Meetings and events are open to non-members.

Here is a nice site showing very detailed wind and wave projections.

Thanks to Robert K. for sending me this link.

If you look down the left side of the blog page that you first see when you come to this blog, you'll see a number of things to the left of the posts. Right now, first is the poll, then the followers list, and then the treasure links list, and then under that the tide and surf projections. I just added the above wind and waves link to section on tide and surf projections so you can quickly find it.

I know there are a lot of people who have never looked down through that material. If that is you, you might want to look at some of those things, especially the treasure link list.

I'm expecting two to three foot seas for the next few days and poor conditions.

It was rainy on the beach this morning - even some lightening. More rain expected throughout the day.

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