Monday, February 27, 2012

2/27/12 Report - Gold Bars, Sand, & Lodging

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Just Something Real Pretty To Look At.

This photo is from the Sotheby's catalog entitled Magnificent Coins of the Spanish World, which is the auction for the The Archer M. Huntington Collection.

Here is the link to a site where you can find the catalog.

I received my invitation to the 4th Annual Treasure Hunters Cookout, which will be held in April at the Pennwood Motor Lodge where some of the early treasure hunters stayed back in the day.

I often get requests for information about lodging on the Treasure Coast from people coming to detect the beaches. I won't make a recommendation, but here is a list of some possibilities.

Speaking of local hangouts, the Driftwood Resort in Vero Beach is celebrating its 75th anniversary. With the wreck of the Breconshire just off-shore, the driftwood contruction and the artifacts that you will see, beachcombers, detectorists, and treasure hunters of all stripes will find something of interest at the Driftwood.

Cut On Treasure Coast Beach Sunday.

This cut was a few hundred yards long and varied from half a foot to nearly three feet. On Saturday, it was about half that. And on Saturday the sand in front of the cut was very firm and seemed to be composed of brown sand and small pieces of shell, but I didn't find what I would call a layer of shell in the first foot or so. I found that a little surprising considering how firm the surface was.

There was a line of targets running along the cut about three to five yards in front of the cut.

By Sunday the cut was slightly bigger than on Saturday, but the sand in front was more mushy on Sunday. By that time the wind had shifted from the northeast to east.

The initial erosion occured, as you might suspect, during the northeast wind.

Here is another video showing progress of the Fort Pierce Inlet renourishment project. Notice all of the beach beautification for peak tourist season. Nobody seemed to be there to see Saturday afternoon but all of that rusty construction equipment really made for a pretty beach.

Notice Old Faithless was moved down the beach a few yards. Nice to be able to see a geyser without going to Yellowstone.

I want to sign up for one of those construction watcher jobs. Then when that job is over I could sign up to watch the sand go back into the sea.

Speaking of beach renourishment, Bathtub Beach is closed for repairs again. The previous repairs must have lasted all of a few weeks.

The wind is now east/southeast. The typical cycle that you see as these fronts come through is now pretty much complete. I'd rate beach conditions as a minimal two right now. It will undoubtedly be short lived.

The seas will be decreasing today and for a couple of days.

Happy hunting,