Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2/7/12 Report - Guinea Pigs, Broken Gold Chains, Old Maps and More

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Broken Gold Chains.

As you would expect, it is not easy to detect small gold chains, especially broken chains. And many chains that are lost are broken.

In the photo above you can clearly see where the thicker chain is broken near the clasp.

The very thin chain to the right of that is also broken. That one was eye-balled.

You can also see a piece of a broken loop ear-ring to the right of that.

Rain can expose things like the small chains shown in this photo. Keep your eyes open after rainy or windy days.

It seems that along with silver and gold, Guinea Pigs were taken to Europe to become pets after Spain conquered Peru in 1532 . At least that is one thought arrived at by some archaeologist after a Guinea Pig skeleton was found without any evidence of butchery.

I would not be surprised if this furry little nibbler escaped and tunneled into a crook or cranny where he expired either from old age or or misadventure. After all, they are sometimes called "cavies."

I just thought it was interesting to learn that in fifteen-hundred and thirty-two conquistadors sailed with Guinea Pigs too. Nice mnemonic, and a convenient way to keep a supply of fresh protein Happy Meals for the long voyage back to the Old World.

According to the article referenced by the link immediately below, ...the third-ever guinea pig skeleton found in a European archaeological dig confirms that these little squeakers voyaged to the Old World very shortly after Spain conquered Peru in 1532.

I think they may be skating on thin mice (Not a typo for a change.)when it comes to the pet versus food conclusion.

Can you tell I wrote this section late at night?

Here is the link for more on the travels of the 16th Century Guinea Pigs.


And here is an article that suggests that Native Americans are really Native Siberians.


Here is a web site showing a lot of very early maps that you might be interested in.


Thanks to Skip H. for the submission.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast.

It is going to be rainy for a few days yet. The seas will vary but remain fairly low. Next week however, the surf web sites are predicting seas up to around five or six feet again. That can help if the winds are right. Until then I'm not expecting any significant change in conditions.

Here's hoping.