Saturday, February 4, 2012

2/4/12 Report - Slight Improvement in Treasure Coast Conditions & Miscellaneous Beach News

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One Treasure Coast Treasure Beach This Morning.

These were three-foot cuts here. I'm increasing my beach conditions rating to a two again.

There was a lot of ankle-deep mushy sand in front of the cut, so conditions here were not as good as it looks from the photo alone. Look for a few scattered spots around where conditions might be a bit better despite the easterly direction of the wind.

Here is a link to a finance article on a couple wrecks and treasure hunting.

Odyssey Marine stock fell back some yesterday as I expected.

James F. reports that the City of Cocoa Beach is now in the process of installing parking meters on what was, for the last 50 years or so, free public access to the beach, north of the Cocoa pier. He also saw where it was reported that Cocoa beach is "gearing up" for spring break with double or triple police patrols and new paint on the pier ...

They are also getting ready to renourish the beach south of the Fort Pierce inlet again. Seems like they just did that.

I heard that the sand is to come from about five miles south of the inlet and well off shore.

Some of the heavy equipment is already arriving.

The blog poll is well underway. If you can send photos of the finds being reported, I would be glad to see them and possibly post them. As always I will credit you however you want. You can remain anonymous or tell me how you want to be credited.

I think I'll run this type of poll every month. That will give me a way to track what is being found over the year.

I'd expect the winter months to be the most productive unless we have a hurricane or good sustained northeaster.

A few more cobs have already been reported in the blog poll than I expected. As expected though, more jewelry and US coins are being reported.

Treasure Coast Beach Conditions Forecast

The seas will remain around the four to six foot level today and then start decreasing tomorrow, going back to around two feet next week.

The wind direction does not look favorable for continued improvement in beach conditions.

It looks like we might be back to level one conditions next week.

Happy hunting,