Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/16/12 Report - A Few Detecting Tips

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This Mornings Finds.

Nothing exciting. I decided to do a little scouting around and went to a park that I hadn't detected for a number of years. It isn't on the ocean. The ocean beaches that I've seen have been building the past couple of days. They weren't very good looking at all, so I felt like doing something a little different this morning.

The photo shows a few dollars in clad, a ring and what looks like an old bullet (since I've been talking about those).

I got some more good information on the bullets that I showed yesterday. I'll have to get back to that topic in another post.

I could tell that the area I detected today had been detected recently. There were a variety of clues. I could tell by the distribution of targets that part of this area had been detected relatively well. Most targets in the detected area were several inches deep in densely packed sand with a good layer of black sand. There was a disproportionate number of nickles (a common tell-tale sign). And there were the typical areas that most detectorists will skip.

A Good Spot.

I always like to see spots like this. There is a little erosion and some roots and things to add protection. Many detectorists will miss targets in an area like this.

There were three targets (within a half inch of the surface) in the small area shown in this photo.

I'll never pass an area like that without checking.

I also like to stick my coil back under limbs and bushes. Again, many detectorists will miss targets in areas like that.

That is where I got the old bullet today - back under some bushes.

And here is another type of thing that I will never pass up.

It doesn't look like much and it isn't easy to detect, but people will be drawn to these blocks. Sometimes they'll sit on them and sometimes lay things on them or by them. And sometimes people will stumble over them.

Things will slip down beside the blocks and quickly sink beside them when the water rushes around.

Old Concrete Blocks.

The iron in the blocks makes it difficult to detect around them. This is one time that I used discrimination. I could hear the iron but I could also pick out the other targets in and around the blocks. That might take a little practice, but you can learn to do it.

There was a lot of black sand around here too.

I seldom use anything but all metals or pin-point mode, but I was constantly switching back and forth today.

The dimes were coming up rusty looking and many of the pennies were heavily caked.

There were a lot of obstacles at this site, but I like obstacles. Obstacles protect targets.

I like to try different spots like this once in a while for a change.

There are a lot of snowbirds in in the area detecting now.

The wind is out of the south and the seas calm. Expect increasing sand on the ocean beaches.

Monday the seas will increase. I'd say no change in conditions until then.

I received some good information on bullets. I'll get back to that topic soon. maybe tomorrow.

Happy hunting,