Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/23/12 Report - Important Coin From Reign of William the Conqueror Found & US Air Force Ships Tons of Coins to Spain

Nice Surfing Waves on the Treasure Coast This Morning

There were a lot of surfers out this morning. Also a lot of snowbirds along A1A.

I put a video of surfing on YouTube this morning. Unfortunately I didn't have my best camera with me. Nonetheless, if you want to see the wave action it is on TheTreasureGuide channel on YouTube.

The surf was up. There were some nice waves, but that was deceiving in a way. The west wind was forming some nice surfing waves at a few spots, but I didn't see any erosion this morning.

The water did get up a little higher on the beach than it has been for a while, but still not high enough to erode the banks.

There might be one or two places on the Treasure Coast that were already badly eroded the past few months where the water was high enough to do some good.

Treasure Coast Beach Showing Newly Accumulated Sand This Morning.

This beach looks really poor in terms of detecting conditions. Tons of new sand. And all of the replenishment was done free by Mother Nature. No dredging, pumping, tractors or any of that waste.

The most erosion I saw this morning was a hundred yards south of where they dumped the new sand south of the Fort Pierce inlet. The new sand was deflecting the wave energy, as it naturally will, down the beach a little ways. Crazy! Of course, then they'll fill that and then the wave energy will be deflected a little farther down the beach. And before you know it, it will be time to redo the futile exercise all over again.

One Leisurely Detectorist This Morning.

Below are two tales:Another of insanity and thankfully, one of sanity.

First the sanity.

A detectorist in England found an important coin from the reign of William the Conqueror. The coin proved, contrary to previous thought, that the Gloucester mint was operating between 1077-1080. No other coin from that mint and date are known to exist.

Too bad the US doesn't learn to handle antiquities found by detectorists the same way they do it in England.

Here is the link to that story.

Now the insanity.

The US Air Force carried tons of coins recovered by Odyssey Marine to Spain as ordered by the courts.

Spain claims the coins are part of their heritage as thieves and plunderers. Actually, they put a period after "heritage."

I won't get into this too much, because if I did, this would turn into a five hundred page rant.

Here is one link to the story submitted by a couple of this blog's readers.

And here is another link for more on the same story.

I wonder how they figure the treasure belongs to Spain rather than the countries it was taken from. Actually they don't care if the reports of political and personal favors involved in the decision are correct. And did you notice, Odyssey isn't even getting paid for their salvage expenses. Fortunately they have a number of good salvage agreements with England.

According to the predictions, the seas will be relatively calm the next couple of days and then increase this weekend up to about four feet.

No change in conditions expected.

Happy hunting,