Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/8/12 Report - The Revenge & Cleaning Silver Finds

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Treasure Coast Beach Being Reshaped This Morning.

This beach is very mushy and has a lot of new sand on it. This morning however there was this one spot where it was being cut a little.

That cut (shown in the photo) is one to two feet. Still, most of the beach was mushy.

Another beach that I looked at briefly this morning near high tide had no cuts at all.

Generally Treasure Coast beach conditions are poor.

Led by a couple of local divers, a navy research vessel went out to explore and map what is thought to be Oliver Hazard Perry's ship, Revenge.

If it is the Revenge, it is Navy property and will be protected.

Here is the link to that story.

As you probably know, silver found on a beach will often be tarnished. If the item has been in salt water and been in the water or on the beach for a long time, it will be heavily tarnished or corroded. You can often get an idea of where how long silver has been on a beach and where it spent most of its time from how corroded it is.

The subject of cleaning dug silver often comes up. There are a variety of methods for cleaning silver but the best one for a particular case will vary depending upon the type of object and how badly it is corroded.

For Spanish shipwreck cobs and or other shipwreck treasure coins, I highly reommend reading Bill's coin cleaning instructions that you will find listed in my treasure links list.

My suggestion is to always be very careful when cleaning silver. Start conservatively and carefully watch how the process is going.

Some items should not be cleaned at all. Some people like some items as they were found. And some items can be reduced in value by any type of cleaning.

Study your item and the various methods of cleaning, and be very careful when cleaning silver finds.

Here is a link to an site that tells about some of the methods of cleaning that you might choose to use on silver finds.

And here is another.

I would advise experimenting with any cleaning method before using it on a valuable or rare item.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

I already talked a bit about current conditions.

It looks like we'll be having seas of about four feet or so for a few days. That is better than nothing.

Early in the weekend the seas will be decreasing some, then Sunday and Monday increasing. It looks like Monday might be a good time to be out. If the predictions are correct and the wind is right, there could be some good opportunities early next week.

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