Monday, February 13, 2012

2/13/12 - 50 Excellentes Gold Coin

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50 Excellentes.

Now that is a coin that would look very nice in a sand scoop, and that is the way it should be displayed.

It is one of the more impressive coins from the Archer M. Huntington Collection that I've been talking about. It weighs almost five ounces and was minted in the 15th Century during the reign of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Quite a presentation piece.

The photo comes from the Sotheby's catalog that can be found using the following link.

This photo shows some of the equipment for the renourishment project at the Fort Pierce inlet.

Fort Pierce Inlet Friday.

They intend to get the sand placed before the turtle nesting season. As a result the turtles will make their nests in the newly dumped snad which will be washed into the ocean before the eggs hatch. Great!

The renourishment project at the Sebastian Inlet is farther along at this point.

There are a few spots on the Treasure Coast that are still cut. The sand at the cut that I found this morning was very clean though.

Unfortunately, sometimes when the cobs are there you won't find much else. I have found a cob on a beach when I didn't get one other signal all day.

Two to Three Foot Cut at One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

It was filling a little since yesterday. In the above photo you might be able to see a sand bar fuilding in front of the beach and a little dip forming. The sand bar seemed to be moving in towards the beach a little.

I'm sticking at my level 2 beach conditions rating for now. I'll prbably be downgrading before long.

The wind is east/northeast now. Seas will be decreasing today and leveling off at a low level Wednesday and for the rest of the week.

Happy hunting,