Sunday, September 2, 2012

9/2/12 Report - Big Seas Predicted & Florida Pirate Locations

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Three Small Detector Finds.  Dime for size comparison.
Here are three small detector beach finds.  The heart on the dime is silver. 

What do you think the other two are?   I'll talk about them some other time.

The seas are only one to two feet now but seven or eight foot seas are predicted for next weekend.  Expect building seas through the week, reaching about five feet by Wednesday and continuing to build. 

As I've pointed out a lot of times in the past, predictions of higher future seas are often wrong, but if these predictions are right this time, there is a good chance of us getting better beach detecting conditions than we got last week.

It looks  like we won't get any north winds though, so you might expect something pretty similar to what happened last week.

We just had a full moon yesterday.  Today the low tide will be around 4 PM.  

The Treasure Coast is known mostly for the 1715 Fleet.  There isn't much talk of pirates along the Treasure Coast except for the pirate Gilbert, also sometimes spelled "Gibert."  I've talked about that a little before.

On the West Coast of Florida there are a lot of pirate stories.  You'll hear of names like Gasparilla, Juan Gomez, Charles Gibbs, Calico Jack, or Jack Rackham, and Black Ceasar.  A little research will turn up more.

Boca Grande, Captiva Island, Panther Key, Pavilion Key, Fort Myers, Sanibel Island are some of the places associated with those pirates. 

I'd like to hear from any of you guys on the West Coast about what Isaac did over there last week.

There are three storms in the Atlantic right now.  The two developed ones are headed away from us.  One is headed towards Bermuda.  Another hasn't developed much yet and is still far out in the Atlantic, but looks to me to be too far North to be any kind of threat to us.

The main thing to watch for now is the increasing seas on the Treasure Coast, that, if the predictions are correct, will increase gradually this week.

Did you hear about the 98 year-old bottle with a message inside that was found by a fisherman?  It was put in the ocean nearly a hundred years ago to track sea currents.  The form inside the bottle was still in excellent condition.

Here is the link to that story.

A famous sunken steamboat was revealed by the recent drought out West.

Here is the link to that story.

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