Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5/12 Report - Family, Friends, Fun & Finds For a Good Purpose

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Raffle Table at Benefit Cookout.
Photo by Joan T.
See more cookout photos below.
First, I added a poll to the blog to replace the one that I had to remove because it wasn't functioning correctly.  Even from the defective poll that I removed, I could tell that more cobs and treasure coins were being found as a result of Sandy than had been found for quite some time.

I kept the new poll simple.  There are only two answers listed.  That will still give us an idea of how many cobs or treasure coins were found recently.  I'll monitor it closely to make sure it is counting correctly.

Here is an article that describes damage done to Vero beaches by Sandy.  At the end of the article they mention a couple of shipwreck finds that occurred there.

The wind is from the West today.  Excellent weather to be outside.   The swells are 1 to 2 feet.  That means easy hunting in the low tide zone and maybe even in the water.

There are some beaches with a lot of shells and other items piled up.  Good eye-balling conditions.  Watch for ceramics and other items that often accumulate with shells.

I found a piece of an old brick.  Could possibly be shipwreck, but hard to say.

I think I mentioned the corroded horse shoe that I dug.

The seas will remain calm for at least a few more days.

I still have some places that were churned up by Sandy that I haven't gotten around to yet.

Low tide today is around 5:30 PM.

Now that we haved moved the clock back an hour, it gets light earlier and dark earlier.

The Treaure Hunter's Benefit Cookout was held Saturday as the sun shined on the Treasure Coast.  What a beautiful day!

If you want to see what you missed or want to be reminded of the fun, here are a few pictures from the cookout.  I imagine Aquanut is still recovering from all the work and excitement.  Thanks to all who contributed in any way.  I know that many of you went home with some nice treasures, and memories too.

Treasure Hunter in Training.
Clip From Video by Bernie C.

A Few of the Many Treasures for Auction. 
Photo by Joan T.

Time to Eat.
Photo by Joan T.

One of the Many Artifacts at the Cookout.
 Photo by Joan T.

Socializing at the Cookout.
From YouTube Video by Bernie C.

Thanks for the photos and images guys.  You can see more of Bernie's images at

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