Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11/21/12 Report - Beach Conditions Improving Slowly. Friday Should Tell the Story.

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Erosion on Treasure Coast.   Photo by Guy F.
Submitted by Bernie C.
We have four to six foot swells today.  A peak of 6 to eight foot swells are still expected Friday.  That should be the peak. 

Some places have a little erosion in front of the dunes.  And in some places the water is hitting the toe of the dunes. 

Some of the erosion is in sand that accumulated after Sandy.

The water has been pretty high though, and some things are getting washed up onto the beach. 

The places to look would be in places that were productive during Sandy but that didn't refill much.

I went out this morning and found a good number of coins and three rings.  There were a good number of targets, even a wheat penny and some older stuff.  I haven't even looked at most of it yet.

I don't think it is time to upgrade my conditions rating yet even though things are improving slowly.  It really is getting close to a "2" rating, but I just don't think it is quite there yet. 

If we can get some good swells Friday, like is predicted, along with some good wind, that should do it.   And you can't forget that the high tides are getting up there but are still not quite getting to the dunes in a lot of places.  I'm hoping the water hits the dunes good Friday.

I took a quick look at Wabasso Beach this morning but didn't stay there very long.

Seagrape Trail was closed.

Beach in Front of Disney This Morning Near Low Tide.
There were a lot of targets along another beach along the low tide zone just west of a dip between the beach and a sand bar.

Chris T. sent in this report about Turtle Trail yesterday.

The dune is still cut about 4 ft or so and then there is about a 8-10 foot wide "shelf" then another cut about 2-3 ft. The tide was washing up onto the shelf at spots and would probably get over it at high tide.

I'm thinking that the shelf is sand put back since Sandy and just that is what is getting cut at the moment.

Thanks Chris, Bernie and Guy.  I appreciate all reports.  As you know, I can't be everywhere.

Bernie C. also sent information about the St. Lucie Metal Detecting Club Hunt this weekend.

The time for Saturdays hunt is 8:00am The approx address is around 1400 SE McCarther Blvd, Stuart Fl. It's the beach just before you get to Bathtub Beach..There is parking on both sides of the street.

It looks like that might be a good time and place for a hunt.

Mexican mined silver showed up in English coins by 1550.  They can analyze the metal to determine where it came from.

Here is that link.

A woman found $11,000 in cash stuffed inside a pocket book that she thought was for sale in a retail store. 

Here is the link if you want to read more about that.

Happy hunting,