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11/19/12 Report - Get Your Equipment Ready, Detecting Conditions May Improve Soon

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Water Coming Over Newly Formed Berm
Yesterday Near High Tide
Years ago we had a storm known as the Thanksgiving storm that produced a lot of treasure.  Right off I don't remember the year.  If the surf web site predictions are correct, it could happen again.

As I mentioned yesterday and previous to that, the tides have been consistently high for quite some time now.  Yesterday the surf was coming up over the recently accumulated berm at high tide.  It wasn't getting as high as the water did during Sandy, but it was getting up onto the flat beach and even in some spots hitting the foot of the dunes.

The swells along the Treasure Coast are now around three or four feet.  That usually isn't enough for good detecting conditions, but combined with the unusually high tides and what Sandy already did, it isn't far off.  I wouldn't be surprised if there were one or two spots where a cob or two was uncovered.  But that being said, the real news is that the swells along the Treasure Coast are predicted to continue for the next few days reaching a peak of 7 to 8 feet on Friday.  If that really happens, we might well expect significantly improved detecting conditions for the weekend after Thanksgiving Day.  I'll be watching to see if and when conditions improve.

Foot of Dune Eroding Yesterday
Two days ago I told about cremation tags.  Two readers sent me photos of the tags they found.  All were found in shallow water.

Below are photos of dug cremation tags.

Notice that they are different.   Some give more information than others.  As I said the other day, the tags are made of either aluminum or stainless  steel.

The ones I've run across were round and also found in shallow water.

I thought you should know what these are in case you happen to find any.

Finds and photo by William B.


Finds and photo by Michael H.


You've probably heard of Doomsday Preppers.  Some people are expecting a calamity to happen on the Winter Solstice, December 21.  According to this article, some people are heading to a location that they think will be safe.

Here is the link.|utmccn

Treasure hunting would seem to me to be the ideal activity for those expecting a collapse in the economy and civilization.  A good metal detector could be very handy for finding useful materials, not to mention all the good scrounging skills you would develop. 

Survivalism, if that is what you want to call it, has always been alive in some part of the metal detecting community.

Get your batteries charged.  We could have some good hunting after Thanksgiving.

Happy hunting,