Friday, November 2, 2012

11/2/12 Report - After Sandy & Benefit Cookout

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Mayan Artifact Donated for the Benefit
Photo submitted by Aquanut John
Tomorrow is the big Treasure Hunter's Benefit Cookout.   And here is another treasure that you will see there and possibly take home. 

I've shown just a few of the many prizes and auction items that will be there.  If you want a new detector or an eight-reale, or just want to have some fun - be there tomorrow.   Food will be ready around 1 PM.

For additional details see my 10/9 post.

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I'm not into buying a lot of stuff but I look at auctions a lot because you can see a lot of different artifacts and see what types of prices they bring.  It is a good education. 

Anyhow there are two interesting auctions coming up on iCollector that you might want to take a look at.  There is one beginning today on coins, metals and related items, and then one beginning tomorrow with lots of research books, Native American artifacts, guns from the wild west and artifacts from the Custer battlefield, to mention a few. 

If you want to take a look here is a link.

Boat Bottom at Normandy Beach.  Photo by Joan T.
Joan T.  found this boat bottom at Normandy Beach the other day.

She added that Normandy Beach is open again.

When I look at the pictures from up north and see what Sandy did to New Jersey and that area, I realize how lucky we were.

It sure looks like there would be a lot of good detecting up there, but it is a shame to even think of that when you think of all the damage and hardship that it caused.  That is where our thoughts should be.  There are a lot of people that lost their lives or everything they had.  That is the thing we should remember.

I think we sometimes forget about the tragedy and hardship that took place when shipwrecks like those of the 1715 Fleet took place.  It is important to put first things first and remember that.  Real events led to all of those coins being scattered in the ocean and on the beaches.  They didn't just magically appear there yesterday.  Think of the journey of those coins and how they came to be there, and think of the lives and events surrounding them. 

I have a few more Sandy finds to post sometime soon.

The wind is out of the north today and the swells are about two feet.  The weather is beautiful.

There are no storms in the Atlantic now.  

Ship Stranded on New Jersey Beach.
Before Sandy formed, I mentioned that October and November often bring us a good northeaster. Some of the best detecting storms have been in November.  One Treasure Coast Thanksgiving storm is legendary.

Detecting conditions aren't going to change soon.  The seas are relatively calm  The tides are still fairly high.

There are some places that were impacted by the storm that probably haven 't been detected yet.  Think about where some of the secondary detecting sites might be.   Most of the primary beach wreck sites have probably been detected pretty hard.  But there are undoubtedly those places that haven't been detected for a while, where the storm might have uncovered some things.   I know some places that I want to check.

Happy hunting,