Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/20/12 Report - Detecting Conditions & Detecting Regrets to Avoid.

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There is a stationary storm offshore of the southeastern Atlantic seaboard that is funneling wind down the east coast into Florida.  Winds will be brisk out of the north through Thursday. when they will peak at 15-20 miles per hour with gusts to 25 mph. The weather service says Treasure Coast beaches may experience some erosion during high tides this week. 

Today we have 4-6 foot swells.  5-7 foot swells are predicted for Friday.  The key will be wind direction.

I'm not issuing an  upgrade in my detecting conditions rating yet.  It could happen in the next few days. 

Three of my biggest regrets related to detecting include what was done or not done after the find.  One is discarding a few items before I really knew enough about them, and the other is, not keeping enough records and documenting finds, and third, not properly conserving a few items.   

During the find, or should I say during the retrieval process, one of my regrets is not exercising enough care when digging up a fragile item.  When you get a signal you don't always know what might be down there or how fragile it might be.  It is easy to damage very nice items while digging them up.  Most of the time it doesn't matter much, but there are times when you will kick yourself for not being careful.

You might have a nice collection or only a few, but in either case it can pay to look for these seven high priced wheat pennies.


A detectorist dug up a nice hoard of antique items but the newspaper they were wrapped in showed that they were buried more recently.

Here is the link to that story.


I've mentioned before that just because an item is old doesn't mean it was lost a long time ago.  

Hundreds of shipwreck artifacts were found when drilling to load test a bridge.  The artifacts are believed to be from a wrecked SS City of Medicine Hat.


I just noticed an old post in which I reported a large collection of Spanish Colonial coins were stolen from a Port St. Lucie home.  As I've recommended several times in the past, keep any valuable finds in a bank safe deposit box, not at home. 

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Keep watching for detecting conditions upgrades.

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