Friday, November 23, 2012

11/23/12 Report - Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating Upgrade

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Three to Four Foot Cut at North End of Jensen Beach
Yesterday Afternoon.
Update: Tomorrow's St. Lucie Metal Detecting Club hunt has been moved to Jensen Beach.  It is really eroded there.

I'm going to upgrade my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating to a 2.  I would say it is a minimal two.  

Just to remind you, it is a five point scale rating the likelihood of finding a cob or shipwreck treasure coin on the beach.  1 indicates poor conditions, and 5 indicates excellent conditions for finding cobs or treasure coins on the beach.

I had a 3 rating on Sandy and in retrospect I think that could have been closer to a 3.5 but I don't use fractional numbers.  As you might know, 15 people reported in my blog poll that they found a cob or treasure coin during or after Sandy.  That information helped me fine-tune my rating scale a little.

Factors that I am considering in my rating include what happened during Sandy and any remaining effects including movement of sand and other objects, what happened after Sandy including additional movement of sand and coins, how high the water is getting now, erosion that is occurring now, and recent finds from various locations.  What is happening now interacts with the lingering effects of Sandy.

Things are improving.  Here are two photos of recent cuts.  Of course, cuts aren't the only things that indicate good conditions for cobs.  Sandy, for example produced cobs in areas that did not cut.  Sandy did erode the dunes and released cobs in some areas, but also some washed up out of the ocean during Sandy.
Nice Cut South of Jupiter Inlet
Photo and Submission by John B.
The cuts that are out there now are not to be found all along the Treasure Coast.  Some cuts are not very long.  And there are a lot of areas where there is no new cutting at all.

I'm not expecting to see the water get quite as high as it did during Sandy this weekend, but it might.  And it might in some areas but not in others. 

Substantial cuts are now occurring at some places on the Treasure Coast but not others.  Some locations are getting water to the toe of the dune but are not cutting otherwise either at the front, middle or back of the beach.

I still expect the key time to be Friday when 5 to 8 foot swells are expected.  By late morning I hadn't seen much improvement.   There are north/northwest winds today, but the wind isn't as strong as yesterday.

Beach at Frederick Douglas Park. 

Steps Cut Into Front of Dunes

Uncut Beach North of Walton Rocks

As you can see from today's photos, some beaches are cut and some not.  At some beaches that did not cut, the water came up over the berm similar to what happened during Sandy, but there were not as many shells. 

This morning I saw one beach that was losing more sand than most other spots.  Unfortunately it wasn't a spot that is known for a lot of shipwreck coins.

I did find a good number of modern coins and some silver and some unusual items that I haven't identified yet.

There are definitely some interesting looking beaches.  I feel rather confident that a small number of cobs will pop up somewhere, but at this point am not expecting near the number produced by Sandy.

Happy hunting,