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11/10/12 Report - Silver, Gold, Coins & Fossils

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A  silver 14th Century Bishop's seal was found by a detectorist on the Isle of Man.   Here is an article about that important find.

One find that I made many years ago not long after I started detecting was a large silver coin in great condition from Isle of Man.  It was on a swimming beach in South Florida.  I always remember that find because it was a big surprise to me at the time and I still don't know why it was there.  It made more of an impression because I was a newby.

Here is a photo of that find.

A hoard of gold Tracian artifacts has been found.

Here is the link to that article.

The article has some nice photos of the iteems too,

Surface Coin
One thing I often remind people to do is to keep their eyes open as they detect.  Just a look will often tell you if you should detect an area or move on to another area.    Also keep your eyes open for clues and finds.

Here is a photo of a coin that I saw before detecting it.  It is about the size of this "o" and is a little above center and almost center, going left to right.  It is covered with a thin layer of sand, but you can still see it.

It was the second that I eye-balled in a nice coin hole.  When you find a nice coin hole or coin line, there will often be a few that you can see, and anytime you see one or more laying on the surface in the wet sand area, be sure to check for a coin hole or coin line.  I recently explained a little about how and why that happens.

I've said this before, but I've known people who do not own a detector who walk the water line and have filled jars full of coins that they've found.

And also be alert to non-metallic finds and clues.

Here is a sample of some fossils found after Sandy. 

Beach Fossils

Sandy provided the best beach detecting that we've had for some time on the Treasure Coast.  Not only did a good number of people find cobs, but also a good variety of other types of treasures.

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