Thursday, November 8, 2012

11/8/12 Report - Club News, Next Auction & More

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Treasure Coast Beach Yesterday Morning
Here is some news from Bernie C. concerning the St. Lucie Metal Detecting club.

Here's an update on the club bi-monthly meeting: I am changing the meeting date to November 17th at 6 pm. The meeting will be held at my house as usual: 1256 SE Palm Beach Rd, Port St Lucie at 6pm. Bring your favorite beverage. Also don't forget to bring your new and old finds to the meeting as we will have a show & tell along with item discussions. We will also be talking about hunting locations, equipment, hunting rules and state laws. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great time. We will be ordering pizza from the clubs favorite restaurant, Roma Pizza.

 Here's an update on the club progress. As of today we have 94 members that 83 local and 11 out of town. We're getting close to 100 members.

We are planning a November group hunt for Saturday November 24th. I'll have more info on the location as the date gets closer.

There are still leftovers from Sandy on some beaches.  Sandy hit areas of the beach that hadn't been hit for some time and won't likely be hit again for some time.  That means some of the high spots that were affected will remain the same for a while too.

A Few Gold Bracelets
I went back to one spot that produced a lot of coins when Sandy was hitting the Treasure Coast and there were still a few left.  There are other places that were affected by Sandy that I have been planning on visiting that I haven't gotten around to yet.

Wind is from the northwest today.  The swell was supposed to be 1 - 2 feet today and was going to get a little rougher into the weekend, hitting a peak of 3 - 5 feet Sunday.   I noticed that a blustery cool wind picked up this morning and seems to be coming from the northeast and it is causing some white caps on the Indian River Lagoon, so it looks like that might have happened earlier than expected.  That might stir up a little sand on the front beaches, but I don't expect any significant improvement in beach detecting conditions.

There are still a lot of shells, and I picked up a nice fossil tooth in one shell pile yesterday.   I haven't been out to take a look today.

Here is a photo of some beach finds.  The is the kind of stuff you might find at a busy swimming beach.

I've reported on a few of the items from the recently concluded SedwickCoins auction, and the next, the Treasure and World Coin Auction #13, has been scheduled for April 2013. They have already begun taking consignments for the next auction.  So if you want to sell some items, the deadline for that auction will be January 20, 2013.

Here is what they said in a recent email.
For the upcoming auction we seek shipwreck coins, especially gold cobs (which have done very well lately); gold coins (particularly from Latin America); early and dated cobs from Mexico, Lima and Potosi; rare world silver crowns; and high-end shipwreck artifacts in good condition with proper certification. It almost goes without saying that gold and silver ingots are doing very well in the current market of record melt values, and since we have all the top customers for shipwreck bullion, our auction is by far the best place to sell treasure ingots.

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