Saturday, November 24, 2012

11/24/12 Report - Big Erosion Photos & Nice Shipwreck Spike Find

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Nice Complete Spike.
 Find and Photo by Philip I.

I hope everybody had a happy and safe Thanksgiving and nobody got injured shopping.

The finds are starting to come in from November 2012.  

Bathtub Beach. 
Photo by Joan T.
Sandy hit the dunes washing stuff out and up.   Then we had a short period of modest beach building in some locations followed by some nice swells and spotty erosion.  That is where we are now.  The effects from Sandy combined with continued high seas and north winds means that there are finds being made.  There are a lot of modern coins and jewelry plus some shipwreck items.

At the top of this post is a photo of a nice complete spike found by Philip I recently at Wabasso.  Congratulations Philip and thanks for the photo.  

Bathtub Beach. 
Photo by Joan T.
That tells you for sure that there are shipwreck items within range right now.

The Jensen Beach and Bathtub Beach areas have really been hit.  Bathtub Beach is in continual trouble because of the barriers to the flow of sand to the immediate north.

They keep dumping sand there, which eventually ends up in the inlet where they have to remove it.  Somebody makes money out of it.

At Jensen Beach there is a very nice dip.  Bernie, who has been hunting Jensen Beach for years, says that is the first time he has seen the old stairs and concrete debris that were recently uncovered.  

I do remember when the erosion was back in the Sea Grape trees at Jensen before they dumped a lot of sand there, but I don't recall the stairs and concrete either.  You will find course brown sand back there.

Jensen Beach.
Photo by Bernie C.
I've mentioned before the stories of a shipwreck not far from the north end of Jensen Beach where numbers of gold coins were found some decades ago.

Some places are eroded heavily, like those in the photos, and some not at all.  It can pay to scout around looking for more out of the way eroded spots.

Old Concrete Steps in Surf at Jensen Beach
Photo by Bernie C.

The wind is from the west today and as a result the swells are decreasing.  The swells are around four to six feet today and will continue to decrease to a low of one or two feed around Wednesday. 

The biggest erosion is over for now, I would say.

I'm going to stick with my 2 rating for beach detecting conditions.   There will be some more shipwreck finds made, but not as many as after Sandy.  That is my bet.

There will also be a lot of modern coins and jewelry found, but a you probably know, that is not reflected in my rating scale, which focuses on shipwreck treasure items.

Low tide today will be a little before noon.

Happy hunting,