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11/1/12 Report - Beaches Refilling After Sandy & Much More

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Just One of the Many Great Items Donated for Saturday's Benefit Cookout
Photo Submitted by Aquanut John.
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Yesterday I showed photos of the beach at the Seagrape Trail Access and near Disney Resort.  The beach at both of those locations had partially filled again.  In fact, I think most Treasure Coast beaches have partially refilled by now.

Eroded Dune With New Sand in Front
Here is a photo of a dune cliff that has partially refilled.  This one has newly accumulated sand up to the base of the cut.  You can tell where the new sand ends.  It ends at the seaweed line. 

Targets snug against the base of the dune were on or very near the surface.  Targets farther away from the cliff face were buried at varying levels under the sand. 

Targets that were a couple yards away from the cliff face were buried about a half foot and targets farther from the face were buried a foot or more.

If you are hunting, you might actually see targets on the surface near the base of the cliff but will have to listen very carefully for faint signals when you get farther from the cliff.

The beach refilling might progress until all signs of erosion are gone.  That will bury remaining targets more deeply.

Many targets that were exposed as the result of Sandy have already been reburied.

Here is a link sent in by Tom Gidus describing the erosion that occurred down in the Bathtub Beach and Martin County area.

If you look at the Seagrape Trial photo shown yesterday, unlike what happened down there, you won't see much damage to the beach access.  In my estimation there was very little but the beach was still closed yesterday.  In fact yesterday between Turtle Trail and Wabasso the only apparent damage was to some of the stairs coming down to the beach from the condos.  Not much else. 

I received an email from Jesse M. who informed me of the following.  Here is what he said.

... the gates at Seagrape and Turtle trail are opened and closed by the Town of Indian River Shores police department!!

So it is apparently the small local towns that take care of the beach accesses rather than the county.  That could be why some were open while other similar beaches were closed. 

I haven't been able to dispel the rumor yet to my satisfaction.

At the top of the post you see a Mayan pot.   That is one more exciting item you will have a chance to see and possibly win at the Treasure Hunter's Benefit Cookout this Saturday.  See previous posts for more details.

Here is another note from Aquanut John about that cookout.

You can add an 8 Reale from El Cazador donated by Diver_Down. Another new metal detector, a Fisher F75  donated by Fisher through Kellyco.  3 pieces of beautiful Mayan Pottery donated by Tommy Vawter from the Treasureworks Collection.  There are a lot of coins and other things, but I just don't have time to catalog them all. These are just today's additions. I went shopping at COSCO today and spent my life savings! LOL. I have to pack everything up tomorrow and drive down to Wabasso from Orlando so this will be my last message to you. I do hope to see you at this one and thank you personally for your support!

Sounds like tons of fun.  I hear food will be ready around 1 PM and activities continuing through the afternoon.

I tried to get my poll about Sandy finds posted this morning and it just wouldn't work.  You'll see it very soon though.

I forget if I issued this downgrade before, but I now have the Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating Scale at a 1 (poor).  As I've explained in the past, I start with a one rather than a zero because there is always some chance of a cob or treasure coin popping up somewhere. 

The seas were pretty calm yesterday, but as I've been saying, sand is accumulating.

I finally got the poll added.  The editor gave me some trouble and I couldn't enter more than four answers, so that is how I did it.  The poll will help us determine which was the best time, before peak seas, near the peak, or after.   I need your response if you made a find.   I couldn't get a fifth answer for none of the above so you can only answer if you made a shipwreck treasure find.

That is it for today.

Happy hunting,