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11/15/12 Report - 1715 Fleet Bronze Coin?? & Florida Rhinoceras

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Here is something odd.  I noticed it while browsing eBay.  It is said to be a bronze Spanish coin mounted in a cross. 

1715 Fleet Coin??
Photo from eBay.

The coin, if you believe the story, was found at Sandy Point in 1933, and then mounted in the cross.

It might be possible to track down this story from newspapers or other sources of local history. 

If someone went to the trouble to mount the coin (bronze?), they might have told the newspapers or something.

I couldn't get a good enough look at the coin to see what it is, but the story suggests that it is from a 1715 fleet wreck.  Of course we know of the Sandy Point wreck, but it all seems very sketchy.

The item would make an interesting project for someone who wants to do the research.

The asking price is $175.

Here is the link.

Here is something else to think about -  a Florida rhinoceros.

I showed some beach fossils a few days ago.  It turns out that Fred D., a fossil expert and friend of this blog, has identified one of those as being a rhino skull cap.

Here is what Fred said.

...It is from an early form of rhino, Menoceras (could be Teleoceras) from the Miocene but, nonetheless, a rhino skull cap from the back of the skull. I have one exactly like it in my collection only it is from the Peace River. A great find indeed...

The rhino skull cap is the second item from the left in the bottom row of the fossil picture in my 11/10/12 report, in case you want to take a look.

That is going back in time.

The swells on the Treasure Coast today and tomorrow will be about 3 to 5 feet.  I'm not expecting any change in detecting conditions.

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