Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/13/12 Report - Blog Poll Results and Finds

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Old Silver Ring Found During Sandy.  
Submitted by haningfor8.
This silver ring was found during Sandy by Will (hangingfor8) who also found a 2 reale, silver US coins and another really neat artifact that I hope to post in the near future for help with identification.

The blog poll has concluded and the results are in.   Sandy was a very productive storm for us.  Even though there was virtually no cutting to the front of the beach, the water did get up into the dunes and washed out the face of the dunes in some locations.

I can't believe I'm still talking about Sandy.  That just tells you how productive that storm was.

15 readers found cobs or old shipwreck treasure coins on the Treasure Coast beaches after Sandy.   That is a real good number (16% of the poll respondents).   Of course that is still far from a majority but more than anything we've seen in the past two or three years for sure.

From what  I've seen and heard, some of those coins were found shortly after the high seas begun, some later, and some a few days after the storm subsided.

The poll numbers will help me validate and fine tune my detecting conditions rating scale. 

I'll do a similar poll for future storms.

One of the problems with this poll is the sample.  I will have to be a little more specific in the future.  If you remember, the Blogger poll feature wasn't working correctly at first, so I had to redo the poll and made it simpler so I could tell if it was working properly.

90 people responded.  That is a slightly smaller sample than usual but I expected that because the poll question applied only to the Treasure Coast, and as you know, a good number of readers of this blog are from other parts of the country.

Congratulations to the 15 of you who found cobs or treasure coins from Sandy!

Silver US Dimes Found During Sandy.
Submitted by haningfor8.
Here are some silver US coins found by hangingfor8.

As I've mentioned in the past, old US coins can tell you that you are getting into the older stuff and possibly getting closer to the old shipwreck stuff.

Today the swells are three to four feet, increasing a touch tomorrow.  The waves are hitting almost directly from the east.  The high tides are still getting up pretty high on the beaches.   The swells will peak Wednesday and then decrease after that.

The beaches seem to be filling now.  Detecting conditions on the Treasure Coast are now poor.

A lot of the shells have disappeared too.

Here is a photo of Fort Pierce South Jetty Park this morning.  A good amount of sand disappeared.

I've been busy lately and still have a big backlog of things to talk about.

Happy hunting,