Thursday, November 22, 2012

11/22/12 Report - Happy Thanksgiving!

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Just a short post today.

We have swells reaching six feet today and expecting seven foot swells Friday.  The weekend should be a good time to check around the Treasure Coast for areas where the water has either been hitting the dunes or causing some erosion.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are some beaches out there with a lot of targets.  Some of those beaches haven't changed much since Sandy, and most have been constantly stirring for quite a while.  On top of that we've had continual tides above normal.

I'm still not quite ready to up my beach detecting conditions rating for the Treasure Coast even though conditions area a bit improved.  I just don't think it is good enough for a two rating yet.   From what I saw yesterday, you can expect a good number of target but not much in the way of shipwreck cobs or treasure coins. 

There is a good possibility for a conditions upgrade for the weekend.  The wind is from the north now.  That might create some small cuts here and there. 

Low tide is just after 9 AM.

A feather headdress supposedly worn by Aztec emperor Moctezuma II and taken to Europe by conquistador Hernan Cortes is being put on display after being restored.   Of course Mexico wants it back.

Here is the link to that story.

One of the best things you can ever find is an attitude of thankfulness.  Giving thanks changes the complexion of everything.

It is easy enough to give thanks when everything seems to be going well, but one of the most powerful and effective things to do is give thanks when you can see no reason.   The act of thanksgiving, fanned from the slightest ember, chases evil, draws good and prepares the heart t receive. 

Give thanks first.  Then see what you receive.

Happy Thanksgiving!