Friday, June 7, 2013

6/7/13 Report - Tropical Storm Andrea, Detecting Conditions Upgrade & More

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The beach has been very dynamic lately.  It has been changing everyday - not always in a good way. 

This beach had a seven foot cut back a few days ago.  A couple of days ago the cut started to fill with new sand.  Then what I found yesterday is that a second step was cut into the beach.  The new cut was in front of the old cut.

Yesterday Afternoon Around Low Tide.

In the photo above, at the top you see a six foot cut, about ten yards in front of that cut was a second cut, that despite what the photo shows, ran continuously for a few hundred yards.  
In front of the bottom cut was a flat and compact beach front.

Same Beach Showing Shells

You can see the shells on the flat beach in front of the cuts.  There were also a lot of shells on the top of the first step up.  You can't see that in this photo.  Again the back cliff was six or seven feet, and the front cliff about two feet.

Andrea sent us some rain and thunder storms.  It rained just after I took these photos.  There was lightening too.

I could tell the local rain storm was coming closer because I could hear the signals caused by lightening in my ear phones.

I don't mind rain at all, but be careful when lightening is approaching.  Like I said, you can often hear it in the distance in your ear phones.

Below is a quick video clip looking down from above the cuts.

Yesterday I said it is starting to feel like summer and now we have our first tropical storm of the season to track.

Below is the NOAA track.

As you can see the storm is going to cross North Florida and head up the East Coast.  As of this morning, I hear it is up by the Carolinas.

The surfing web sites are predicting a 1 - 3 foot surf Friday and through the weekend.  The wind will be mostly from the south and southeast for the next few days.  That isn't great even though we did get some erosion before Thursday afternoon.

The one thing that is hard to account for is local storms that make the wind and waves kick up.  Even a local short-term things like that can under the right circumstances cause some erosion.

A study of deep-sea trash.  The biggest category was plastic (largely bags) followed by metal.  They described where trash accumulates and the effects.  I found a lot of interest in this article.

It is really day by day now.   I'm going to upgrade my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating to a 2, but don't expect it to last long.   The surf this morning got real smooth.  Lots of shells are washing up.

I'll have some pictures of some finds for you soon.

Happy hunting,