Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6/11/13 Report - Wreck of the HMS Forth & Who Are the Readers of This Blog

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Three Views of Small Stone
Discoidal Found on a Treaure 
Coast Beach.

Yesterday I talked about some non-metallic finds that are being made on the Treasure Coast, including the olive jar rim discovered by William M.   There are now a good number of shells to be found on some beaches,and other relatively light materials can be found in the shell piles or nearby. 

A few fossils are also appearing.  I showed a  fossilized tooth of a Great White shark found by one reader just a few days ago.

Also, a few shell and stone Native American artifacts have reportedly been seen.

Discoidals are unusual artifacts.  You might not know anything about them.

Here is a nice article on discoidals.  The article presents pictures of a variety of examples, plus some nice discussion.


It appears that a nineteenth century shipwreck, probably that of the HMS Forth, which was part of
 the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, was found.   It sank on January 14, 1849 while sailing to Bermuda. Two other 19th century shipwrecks are nearby.

Here is the link to that story.


If you've listened to the news at all lately, you know that all kinds of data is being recorded and kept on the users of telecommunications of all sorts, and Google is no small player in that.  They really attempt to get all the information they can on users.  Of course most people see no harm in all that.   Most people like to share their information on Facebook and various other places.  It helps form communities. 

As you probably know, I credit finds and submissions made to this blog in whatever manner the user wants to be credited.  If you want to submit something and want your full name posted, I will gladly do that.  If you don't say how you want to be credited, I simply post first name and last initial.

Google collects demographic data of those who visit a blog.  It is used by commercial web sites (which this blog is not) for marketing purposes.  There is nothing real surprising about where the readers of this blog come from.

95% are from the US.  No surprise there.  The other top countries, in decreasing order are after the U. S. are the U. K., Canada, Australia, Germany and Mexico.

62% are from Florida.  I'm a little surprised that that number isn't higher, but remember that there are a lot of snow birds who don't live here but who visit or vacation here and metal detect our beaches.

The other top states in decreasing order are California, Georgia, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New Jersey.

Of the Floridians,  here are those local areas having the highest number of readers listed in decreasing order  Stuart (most readers), PSL, West Palm, Vero, Sebastian, Jupiter, Melborne, Orlando, Palm Bay, Fort Pierce,Tampa and Miami.  Of course the rankings are influenced by the size of the area.

On the Treasure Coast today, the surf is two - three feet with the wind from the East.  Low tide will be around 4:30 PM.

There is still a good bit of iron and secondary targets to be found, as well as non-metallic targets such as that shown today.

Happy hunting,