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6/20/13 Report - Pirate Flags, Auto Skeletons & Tropical Storm Barry

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Want to fly a pirate flag?  I found a web site where you might be able to buy the flag of your favorite pirate.  They say they are authentic.  I haven't verified that.

Anyhow, here they are.

It is hard to separate fact from fiction on such a topic, but it is said that Jolly Roger was derived from  the French words Jolie (pretty) and Rouge (red).

The red flag was flown to encourage targeted ships to give up without a fight, and the black raised when the ship did not surrender.

Another possibility is that it is derived from Old Roger, which is what the pirates called the devil.

You'll find more about that on the web site where they sell the flags.

Here is the link.

An entire ghost town emerged from the sea.   Included was one photo showing an old rusted car frame with the motor still in it that had been underwater for a long time.  That reminded me of some of the places where you can see old car skeletons along the Treasure Coast.

There used to be a place just a little south of the Vero Beach Holiday Inn where you could see the remains of several old cars on the beach.  I believe they got washed in during a hurricane.  If my memory serves, it was the hurricane of 1929, or maybe 1919, which washed away a parking lot and a number of cars there.

Also you could see an old car north of John Brooks up by the condos back from the beach a bit.  I think there was also an old tower from the WW II days in that area.  You could see the foundation of the tower remaining some ten years or so ago.

And of course several places along the Indian River you can see the remains of old cars that went into the river.

Here is the link to the ghost town story.

If you have found a nice artifact and have done a lot of research on it and can write it up creatively, you might want to enter the following writing contest for antiques.

And here is a great web site that I found for researching a lot of different types of old objects.  It includes all kinds of categories including nautical, books, Native American, etc. etc.  It is not very good for old coins though.  Very good browsing.  Some have prices.

A little more about the search for the shipwreck of La Salle's Le Griffin.

I thought the Gloria Farley book really provides a lot of fun reading.  Also provides some tips on good  detecting locations, although not Florida specifically.

Tropical depression 2 has developed into Tropical Storm Barry and, as predicted, is now in Mexico.  Not coming this way.

On the Treasure Coast we have another day of 1 - 2 foot surf.   The wind is mostly from the south and the swell from the east.

It looks like the high tide will be a little higher today.

This weekend the surf will be a little bigger.

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