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6/8/13 Report - Half Real, Le Grffin Shipwreck and Beach Conditions

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Another Treasure Coast Half Reale Find.
The above find is another Mexican minted half reale.  Not much detail on this one.  \

Profile of One Beach As Seen Yesterday Morning
The above is a good photo showing a beach profile.  It shows two steps, shells in front of the steps, and a sand bar right on the front of the beach.

This photo was taken yesterday morning near high tide.  As you can see, the high tide didn't get up very high yesterday morning.  Maybe later high tides did.

Turtle Track Leading  Over 2 Foot and On 7 Foot Cut

I thought the above photo was interesting.  Most of the turtles were coming up to the first step, stopping and going back into the water.  This one, however, went over the first step and almost all the way up the face of the second step before giving up.   The distance this turtle made it up the almost vertical seven foot cliff is truly impressive.

That was one determined and vigorous turtle.  Turtles, like people, are different.  Some are more stubborn and determined than others.

I had a video clip showing how rip tides are formed, but for some reason I couldn't get it to upload.  I saw it the other day.  It did not turn into a rip tide while I was there, but it did show how exactly how it would happen.

I could see the water coming up over the bar and then rushing along the shore and then out at the first low spot.  The water came from both south and north before it ran out the one low spot.  The water rushing out forms a depression that deepens and becomes bigger, catching more water and becoming stronger.

If you hunt in the water, the first time you get caught in a rip tide can be frightening and dangerous if you don't understand it and know what to do.  Instead of trying to go directly against the current, go parallel to the shore and you'll get out of the current.  I still remember the first time I got caught in one.

Yesterday morning the surf really calmed down early in the morning - I'd say about 9 AM after the rain storms moved away from my area.  I think the wind must have shifted to come out of the West.  Then there was nothing but a gentle swell lapping up onto the beach for a while.  From the look of the beach, there was more action the previous night.

Like I said yesterday, it has been day-by-day lately.  The wind has been shifting frequently as the different storms move through the area.  And as I also said yesterday, I believe that even local events like a quick thunder storm can cause erosion, and then cause it to disappear just as quickly.

For tomorrow on the Treasure Coast the surfing web sites are predicting a 1 - 2 foot surf, increasing about a foot later in the weekend. The wind Saturday will be mostly from the South if the predictions are correct.

I've not been happy with Google on many occasions.  I've had to start using Google Chrome because when I edit my posts with IE, some features won't work.  I do not believe that is unintentional.  It seems they do what they can to force you to use their products and give them an unnecessary amount of information.  It turns out they and other companies are handing the information over to the NSA and who knows who else.   They data that they mine includes Gmail, voice, chat and much more.  And then when they get hacked by the Chinese, they'll have it for whatever use they want to put it to, whether it is financial or identity fraud or whatever.

Here is one story about how the government gathers tons of information from companies like google.

If interested, you'll be able to find many more links on similar stories.

With all of the data they have on us, it is no wonder they couldn't pick out the signs of the Boston marathon bombers.  It is easier to hide significant things when there are too many other things to hide in, like when you try to find a good target in a picnic area full of pull tabs or other junk, or hear a good signal in a lot of noise.

Le Griffin is the oldest known shipwreck in the Great Lakes. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the state archaeologist's office think they may have found it and hope to identify it during a planned excavation.. During its maiden voyage in September 1679, the Griffin departed from the area near present-day Green Bay, carrying a cargo of furs when it disappeared.

Here is more about that.

I'll leave my "2" Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating on for today even though I consider it a minimal 2.

Happy hunting,