Friday, June 21, 2013

6/21/13 Report - Sad Announcment. Also, Gold Coin Hoard, Mayan Gold, Price of Gold Drops & More

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Here is some sad news that I received via email.

Hello fellow treasure hunters my name is Jonah Martinez capt. Of the Goldhound on wed. We lost a very good friend aboard the Capitana while diving his last hole blacked out and pass away we will all miss him and he will be in our hearts and I will never forget him R.I.P. Jeff Croy to any treasure hunters that want pay respects there will be a gathering at capt. Hiram's Sebastian 12:00 Sat there will be free food from what I understand and please post if you could ASAP to get the word out he has worked on these wrecks for 11 years and loved every season the true treasure hunter has a unspoken drive to be out looking and hunting and it's a unspoken feeling that's in us. That was Jeff Croy. Sorry if my email is a bit run on but driving out to the site is a lot different now and my brain is confused thank you very much it means a lot to all our crew and fellow salvors.

Condolences are offered to all friends and loved ones.

Flyer received from Maria Martinez who asked me to post it in this blog.

In the news is yesterday's drop in gold prices which took the price of gold down to under $1300 per ounce.  Other metals fell as well.  Silver is now under $20 per ounce.

The price drop is said to be due in part to the increase in interest rates and strength of the dollar.

Some people sell their gold as soon as they get it, others hold for the long term.  If you've held for the long term, I'd guess you've done well even considering the most recent drops.  There was a time that I recall when gold was down around $300 per ounce, but you have to consider that those dollars were worth considerably more than today's dollars.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a quick temporary bounce in gold prices today.

Notice that I've added a new poll for you to answer.  It will give you an idea of how long it usually takes to find a cob or treasure coin.  I know some of you have been at it a long time without hitting one yet, while others had success more quickly.

Your answers to the poll will help us answer the question, so thanks for your participation.

Gold Arm Cuff Embossed With Crocodile God.

Conquistadors found warring chiefdoms in the new world.

Archaeologists found this gold arm cuff in Panama from approximately the 16th Century.  Other gold artifacts were also found in graves.

Below is the link to more about that.

The conquistadors didn't get it all.

Also, archeologists discovered a large Mayan city in Campeche, an area in southeastern Mexico where many Mayan sites are found.
The recently discovered city covers close to 54 acres and dates to 600 to 900 AD.
Here is the link to that story.

Still a lot to be found.

A man found a hoard including 158 Roman gold coins in a field.  The first finds of the hoard came after just 20 minutes of hunting with his new metal detector, an Ace 150.  He first found a silver spoon, and then some other things and returned  the next day to find a lot more.

I like how the Brits handle finds like that.  The finder gets fair compensation.

Here is the link to that story.

Coins Found in England.
Reuters photo.

On the Treasure Coast today (Friday), if the tide charts are right, it should be a good day to check the beach.  The tidal coefficient is unusually high, meaning a lot of variation in the tides.

The low tide is expected to be good and low.  The low tide will be after 1:30 PM.

The surf will be only 1 - 2 feet, increasing a foot or so over the weekend.

Happy hunting,