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6/3/13 Report - More on a Recently Found Cob, Big Signal & Browsing Books for Treasure

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Cut on Treasure Coast Yesterday Afternoon.
The cob shown below is the same one that I showed yesterday.  As I discussed yesterday, you can see the mint mark and the first three digits of the date.

We can probably narrow the date down a little more.   The cob came from a well-known 1715 Fleet beach where the overwhelming majority of 18th century and earlier cobs are from the wreck, so the date of the cob is probably not later than 1715.

If you know what to look for on a cob you have a better chance of finding it.   Since Charles II reigned from 1665 - 1700 and Philip V from 1700 - 1746 this cob would have a Philip monogram rather than a Charles monogram.  That is, of course, if the cob is a half reale, which I suspect that it is, judging from it's weight as well as other design features.

The assayer mark is not visible, but it would be J, and would appear below the M of the mint mark.  We know that from the mint mark and date.

The other day I mentioned the dot that appears to the left of the mint mark inside the circle of dots.  The legend would start to the right of the monogram (not visible) and would probably be PHILIPVS D. B. G., followed by the date, where you can see it.

The dot to the left of the oM would therefore most likely be the dot after the "G" at the end of the legend.  That is not very significant, but it is identified.

One Small Cob Found This Week on Treasure Coast
As I often say, the research after the find can be as much fun as the find.  I was very surprised to see  a three digit date and mint mark on this cob after it was cleaned.

I occasionally receive email about large signals when the target can not be retrieved.  Recently I received such an email about a large target north of Turtle Trail up by the last building as you go north.  I've received emails about that spot before.  That target has been there for years.  I've even seen people try to dig it up - without success.  From the size and shape of the signal, my best guess is that it is a metal fence post.  Of course I am just guessing, and it could be something valuable - or not.

The photo at the top of the post shows a cut that is about six feet high.  The cliff  has reduced by about a foot, and there is a lot of mushy sand at the base of the cut.

You can see in the photo below (same cut) the footprints and how deep they sank in the sand. 

This beach is now building again.  That means detecting conditions are not as good as before.

It seems that some of the mush is from sand falling to the base of the cliff, and some of it is being washed up.

It is very unusual to find a cob in mush.  It is better to try to areas where the sand is packed down nice and firm.

Foot Prints at the Base of the Same Cut

The low tides today will be around 11 AM and 11:30 PM.  They won't get very low, 0 and +0.3 feet.

I'd still say there is some chance of a cob or two being found.  If you have time, try some of the secondary areas.

The bar right in front of the beach is continuing to develop slowly and shells are piling up next to the beach.  Check for pot shards or other  materials in the shell piles.

We now have a south wind and only about a 3 foot surf, which will decrease even more for the next few days.  I'm going to reduce my Treasure Coast beach detecting conditions rating back to a 1 (poor), although there might still be a few straggler cobs to be found.

A woman bought a used Bible and inside found an assay that she wrote 65 years earlier when she lived thousands of miles away from where she bought the Bible.   Unusual finds happen.  There is a bit of luck involved that sometimes you have to think is more than luck.  It just seems there are times when something is meant to be and defies all odds.

Here is the link to the story.

One of my biggest finds came when I didn't have anymore than about fifteen minutes to hunt.  It was after work and I had to drive a few miles in traffic and I had another appointment later.  Still I felt like going.  I hurried into the water and found a huge diamond ring.  I don't know why I even bothered under the circumstances, but it seemed like more than luck.

I always recommend looking through old books at the thrift store.  You never know when you might find - an old photo (they are selling well these days, by the way), money, card or signature of some famous person.

Happy hunting,