Thursday, June 13, 2013

6/13/13 Report - A Long Dry Spell Only Means You Are Due for Success

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18K Gold Ring Find.
It is easier to find a steady supply of modern jewelry than it is to find really old things.  Old things pop up on a beach mostly only when conditions are right, and you still have to be in the right place at the right time.

To the right is an 18K gold ring find.  I like gold that has that soft butter look.  It will generally be higher karat.

This ring seems to show where it has been sized or soldered.

If you detect enough, you'll eventually get lucky.  I say luck, but part of it is perseverance, and part of it is skill.  Sometimes luck is the largest amount and sometimes less.

You never know when it will happen.  It can be after a long dry period of finding nothing but pull tabs and pennies, or during a string of relative successes. 

It can be a virtual treasure chest, big cache or a very rare and valuable single find.

That is the kind of thing that gets us all excited.   Once it happens it might never happen again.  Or if you are very lucky, it might happen a few more times.  Again, that will depend upon perseverance, skill, and yes, luck.

You hear that signal, dig, and the first promising glimpse gets your heart pumping, then very often it turns out to be a big disappointment.  That can happen many times, depending upon how hopeful you are.

A lot of detectorists give up though.  They either don't take the time to master the activity or give up after a few years.  

Some who hit that big find soon after beginning the hobby, think they're going to have the same success on a regular basis, but never do.   It can be a long stretch between big hits.

Maybe you've never hit your big find yet.  In that case, keep at it.

If you hit your dream find the first time out, realize that that is very rare, and it might  be a long time before another.

You can detect for years and years and never hit a valuable cache or gold coins.

It might be a long time before your big find, or you might start out with all kinds of lucky success.  You never know.  That is part of the fun of it.   If, when, how long?   All of those questions just add to the suspense and fun.

One thing is for sure.  There will be times that you will remember well.  There are several that come to mind as I write this.  One is the weekend of my birthday when I found both a two escudo and an American Eagle gold coin.  Those aren't the best things that I've found, but it was exciting to me at the time. 

To me there is something especially nice about gold coins.  You don't find them all the time, and I just like them.    I don't think it would have near the same impact for me if the same thing happened today.   Don't get me wrong.  I'd be excited for sure, but not as much as then.  There is something about firsts that for me makes it more exciting.

Then there were finds that I didn't realize how good they were when I found them.  In some cases, I didn't learn until a good while later.

Another thing that is for sure is that if you don't try you won't succeed.  And you can improve your chances of success by putting in a lot of time and continually learning.

When I go through a dry spell, I know that it won't last forever, and the longer it goes the closer I am to the next good find.

Just a few weeks ago there was a beach I had been visiting periodically and getting good numbers of coins but not much else.  I told my wife that I was about due to hit something good there, and it happened.

Realize that there will be dry spells, but also that it will eventually end, and maybe in a big way.

A woman hid her $23,000 wedding ring in a watch box that was mistakenly sold at a yard sale.  A reward is offered for the return of the ring.

On the Treasure Coast it looks like we're in for several days of gentle east winds and 1 - 2 foot surf.  Sounds like it should be good for getting in the water, if you are some place where that is possible.

I think cob hunting has dried up pretty much for now. 

Like I've been saying, there is always something or some place to hunt.  Sometimes you have to scout around.  It can be good to try something different.

Happy hunting,