Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6/5/13 Report - Great White Tooth Beach Find, X-Hunters, Oxus Treasure & More

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Great White Tooth Fossil
Find and photo by Leroy G.
It was just a few days ago that I showed a fossil tooth found in a shell pile on the beach.  Here is another example, this time what appears to me to be the tooth of a Great White found by Leroy G.  Leroy said he didn't find any metal that day, but was happy with this find.

That is one reason I always say to keep your eyes open.  You never know what you might see and things like this be valuable.  Nice fossil teeth, especially nice specimens of large Megaladon teeth can be worth hundreds of dollars if they are large and in good condition.  That could be more than you would get for many treasure coins.

Notice the shells in the background of Leroy's photo.  That is the type of place where you might find fossils, sea glass, and pot shards or other things.

One of my favorite non-metallic finds is a wax seal bearing the impression of an eagle.  It was found at the waters edge on a 1715 shipwreck beach.  It is amazing that something like that might survive for hundreds of years, and could have been used by some very important person on an important document.  Research is required to identify who would have used it.

Nice find Leroy and thanks for the photo!

I found an interesting article that tells about a couple of fellows who hunt the remains of experimental aircraft that have crashed in the Mohave Desert.  They call this activity "aerospace archaeology."   They've made some nice finds.  It seems like it would be a lot of fun and very interesting.

Here is the link.,0,737119.htmlstory

Although this is about hunting aircraft in the desert rather than shipwrecks in the ocean, it still has important implications.  It shows once again there are all kinds of treasures out there and people who use their heads can find fascinating things in unusual of places.  Keep your mind open to new and different types of treasures, sites and opportunities.  Anybody that is bored these days, is just not using their head.

I'd say it is easier to find a nice piece of gold jewelry than an old shipwreck treasure coins.  Hunting jewelry on the beach and hunting old shipwreck coins is different.  The biggest thing is that old shipwreck coins aren't being replaced whereas jewelry is being lost all the time.  And since the well-known old shipwreck sites have been hunted, and hunted and hunted, you have to be there when the coins are being washed up onto the beach from water sites that are mostly protected, or washed out of sand that is normally inaccessible or too deep to penetrate.  Timing is a very important factor for hunting either type of object, but having a continual supply of new jewelry makes that an easier target.

There are a few places where you can find both new jewelry and old treasure coins.  People still visit those beaches in numbers and old treasure coins still wash up at those same places.  Most of the best jewelry locations and the best shipwreck treasure coin beaches are different locations though.  It is best to decide which you really want to target on a specific day.

A boy found $10,000 in a drawer in a hotel room.  Find out how that turned out.

One fascinating treasure is the Oxus Treasure in the British Museum.  Among the many impressive silver and gold items are a number of gold plaques.  Take a look at the Oxus Treasure.

The blog polls seems to be working well.  I hope you'll participate.  It will provide us with some interesting information on what favorite things people have been finding this year.

On the Treasure Coast we have those all-too-familiar southeast winds that predominate in the summer.  They tend to build rather than erode beaches.  We also have a 1 - 2 foot surf, which is predicted to last for a few days.  That means beach detecting conditions won't be improving.

Those calm waters aren't all bad though.  It is good for water hunting.  We also have a large bar in front of many of our local beaches though.  You'll might want to look for dips.