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6/9/13 Report - Gold Bar From Rosario Shipwreck & Beach Conditions

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Amazing Gold Bar Found by Odyssey Marine
Photo from Yahoo News

Here we are nearly half way through 2013 already.  Time flies.   It is pretty amazing how different each beach is.  One will erode and produce coins while another, not too far away, will be building.

Of course all beaches come and go cycle after cycle with little overall change unless there is some man-made obstruction or obstacle.

In only a couple of years the 1715 wrecks will be 300 years old.  That seems old, but it is nothing compared to some of the fossils that you can find on the beach.

Out of the local area, what is sometimes called the Tortugas shipwreck is thought to be the Buen Jesus Nuestra Senyora del Rosario, which was part of the 1622 Tierra Firme treasure fleet.  Originally discovered in 1965, the 400-year-old wreck is the source of the gold bar shown above and recovered by Odyssey Marine Explorations.

Odyssey Marine describes the excavation in Oceans Odyssey 3, published by Oxbow Books.

Here is a web site showing some of the neat artifacts, including the above gold bar.

Yesterday, this wedding was taking place on the beach.  I've seen several Baptisms and a few weddings but this one had more a beach flavor than any that I've seen before.

Here is what the surf looked like on the Treasure Coast yesterday afternoon near low tide at one beach.

Today the wind is from the East/Southeast.  My beach detecting conditions rating is back to a 1 (poor).

Yesterday I was finding a lot of iron along the beach front near low tide.  A few coins were higher up on the beach.  Some aluminum and lighter things to, of course,  And a few fossils.

The low tide was good and low yesterday, but according to the predictions I'm not expecting it to be as low today.

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