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6/23/13 Report - Treasure Coast Beach Conditions, Gold Found, Letter in a Bottle & More

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Here is the beach at John Brooks early Sunday afternoon.  It is pretty typical to what you will find on the Treasure Coast despite the fact that it eroded pretty well some weeks ago.

To the south, where I marked in black, were sand bars where the waves were breaking near low tide.  That sand was washed out when the beach did erode a couple of weeks or so ago.  You can still see where the erosion occured even though most of it has filled again.   That is where the sand bar came from.

Even though the surf was 2 - 3 feet along the Treasure Coast Sunday, shallow water detecting was possible in those areas where there are no salvage leases.  The sand bars also protected the dips and made it easy to work the water inside the dips.

I checked out one water area that had a lot of targets.  Photos of finds before long maybe.  Here is one.

Modern jewelry is OK, but for me it is not the most interesting thing.  It is easy though, especially when you are at a beach that has a lot of swimmers.

Recent 14K Gold Find

A diver found an old bottle with a 100 year-old note in it.  The note was found on the silt on the bottom of Lake Michigan and had been sent from somebody enjoying a day at an amusement park.  When the letter was published, a grand child of one of the authors of the letter saw it.

Here is the link.

I received some emails that brought to my attention that another blog posted similar information to what I posted recently.  People asked if I was providing information for that blog or what.  I had never looked at the other blog before, but went there to see.  I could definitely see why someone would think I provided the information for that blog.  It was much of the same information I posted.  I wasn't surprised that I was being copied.  After all, this blog has been running for about five years or so and has nearly 600,000 hits, and since I began this blog several others have started.  The surprising thing was that they are so lacking in original ideas that the other blog used the same specific nickname that I used for a piece of equipment that I posted back in 2009.  That was the clincher.  There is no doubt.  It is one thing to pick up and use ideas somewhere else, but when you can't even come up with an original nickname for your own equipment, that is the proof.

I do not follow other metal detecting blogs or forums.  I hardly ever look at another detecting blog or forum.   I will occasionally look at something on another blog or forum if someone sends me an email or link saying that I should look at something, like happened here.  But except for the news, archaeology and historical reference links that I post, everything I post is from my own experience, fresh and original.   When I get information from somewhere else, I give credit.  Others evidently don't do that, even when they have received kind consideration and mention in this blog, they do not return the consideration.  Some people have no class or integrity.  Of people like that, you can't believe everything they say.

The thoughts that I post here come from my own experience or are sent to me from my readers.  If I don't give credit, it is from my own observations and experience.   Rarely someone tells me they don't want their name or other details mentioned.  Then I will still say the source was an email or whatever.

Like I said, I'm not surprised that others copy what I do here, but I was a little surprised by the extent to which some have do it.

I had to take the time to respond to my long time readers who noticed this and asked if I was providing information for another blog or what.

Yesterday when I got in the water, I was working one area that was very difficult to work.  The bottom had a light layer of sand over a lot of big immovable rock.  It was impossible to use a scoop of any kind there.  I had to fan to recover all targets, and it still wasn't easy.

I was also picking up pieces of fossils along the beach.  There were good numbers of shells too, and a little sea glass.

The surf today (Monday) will be running about 2 - 3 feet, not much different from yesterday and about the same as tomorrow.

Conditions for finding shipwreck cobs on the beach remains poor.

The wind is from the southeast.  I wouldn't expect any change in conditions any time soon.

You should be able to get in the water some places.

As you know, much of the water along the Treasure Coast is protected by salvage leases.  And the bottom conditions at many of our beaches are much more challenging than those in South Florida.

Happy hunting,